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June Photo Competion- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. :)

  2. well I see it's empty, so I thought i'd start June off :)

  3. omg, spawn....get away from the edge....
  4. nice shot! shame about the big pilon thingy tho. Amazing view appart from that.
  5. One from morocco earlier in the year on the Daytona 675 (minus luggage that day)

  6. :) yea, you don't want to lose it on that turn, its a long way down!

    Personally I like the pylon in the picture, adds something to it, a subject or something in the midfield to look at instead of just the background scenery.
  7. Another pic from my rides around the local backroads
  8. During the Wintersun Rally, we had rain in Mildura.

  9. This was taken on the weekend , west of Kempsey.

  10. Great pic Grange :)
  11. Thats an awesome picture Smee, great colours and the content with the campfire smoke in the background - Makes the viewer look at the foreground and the background- Awesome shot!! :)
  12. Such a nice location. There was a far better subject about 5m away :)
  13. Hi
    One thing before I go snaping away - what is this month's topic?
    Is there 'sposed to be a different one each month? :?


  14. There's never a topic just snap away.
  15. OooKkk! I'll try keep it clean then... :wink:
  16. And only one photo per month to be entered.
  17. One clean shot...got it :grin:
  18. Yeah!!..no photos of nakeds!!! :p
  19. No naked bikes !!????