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June long weekend Track Day at the Creek

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by stokedpaz, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. So there has been a bit of interest thrown around in an Eastern Creek Track day over the June long weekend.

    I think the medium paced group is booked out for the Saturday (11th) and Sunday (12th), however I'm going to be in the slow group and there are spaces on all three days for this.

    I have a couple of mates going on the Monday (13th) however I think Trent has booked for the 11th?

    Let's try to organise a bit of a crew to hit the track, especially beginners. I think a few more first timers in the white group would act as a good support and make the experience even more exciting. I enjoy things more when they can be shared.

    Who is keen to hit it up?

  2. Pro tip - sort out a trailer and have an awesome time!
  3. You should go too, Hols. You'd love the Creek.
  4. Im on the 11th and so is discocbr
  5. No can do

    1. I can't even get time for a lunch break at work theses days - so taking a whole day off is not on the cards

    2. I think I need to get my track bike ready before I start booking for it's first trip to a track :)
  6. Even on a long weekend?
  7. Sunday is the only possible day, and thats only if there are no changes on that weekend
  8. Dont know if my track bike will be ready by then
  9. +1, plus I don't know if I'll still have a license :(
  10. Marty, Did u ride up Cumberland Hwy bout 30 minutes ago?
  11. Ill go where the group goes but I prefer Sunday or Monday.
  12. Farken get it ready.
  13. Just booked for Monday the 13th June. Couldn't do the 11th cos my mate couldnt get into the med group on that day.
  14. Aight peeps ive booked for Monday 13th June.......Im most likely going to be riding there. Ryan your welcome to drop by my place before/after, its relatively close to the creek.
  15. ryan you should swap days to sat get you mate to swap to white group then he can just move up through the day
  16. Will be there on the 11th.....In green cause it matches my bike :).....That's how you pic the group's isn't it???? :p
  17. sure is in that case i need to paint my bike yellow :)
  18. so which group would a multi colored rainbow bike fit in?
  19. Those riders are designated flag marshalls ;)