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[Jun 9, 2014] Queen's Birthday Ride (Unplanned)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Senator17, Jun 2, 2014.

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Queen's Birthday RIde Monday 9th June
Confirmed Attendees: 0
Posted By: Senetor17
Start Date: Jun 9, 2014 08:00
End Date: Jun 9, 2014 13:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST
  1. Probably not the best name for a ride thread and I'm not particularly a royalist, but I do enjoy the June Long weekend. I was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for a ride. I don't have anything planned and am open to suggestions. I tried to look up the Bald Hill South ride thread, but Netrider says I don't have permission. So if anyone wants to get together for a ride on Monday, please let me know. We can work out destination and logistics later.

  2. Am interested assuming the weather is on our side.
  3. Same as jalaski, Im in weather permitting.
  4. I'd be interested in going if I didn't have plans for Monday. I'm doing Nasho the day before (Sunday) so I can get at least one ride in over the long weekend!
  5. I would actually prefer a Sunday ride, as I have to take the kids for their (make-up) soccer match on Monday and that could stuff-up everything.

    One thing to remember is that it will most likely be double demerit points, which can limit our "fun" ;)

    Oh, the current weather forecast shows Sunday as "Clear 17 degrees" and Monday as "Showers 17 degrees"
  6. I've booked a table at Scarborough Hotel for 10:30am so feel free to join us. One of the guys has a bit of a ball and chain so I've invited their missus' and kids along for brunch. You guys are more than welcome to go ahead of us :]
  7. Weather reports keep changing and differ when I look at different apps. However at this stage and from what I have seen, Monday is looking the better day and I have other plans/committments for Saturday and Sunday. Sunday may be able to be moved and will probably decide tomorrow when I've checked the weather again. If it's like today here in St Marys, I won't be going. But if we are only likely to get a breif shower, then I still want to go. Happy to discuss any aspect of the ride including destinations, departure times etc.
  8. Yeah Monday suits me better as well, happy to do whatever ride wise, although going north is my preferred direction. Always wanted to go up Wisemans Ferry way and across to and down the old pac hwy.
  9. No problems here for Monday either (will get the wife to take the boys for soccer), as long as we go somewhere and the weather is good :)

    I haven't been North before.
  10. North sounds good to me too. Though I'm going to suggest we go Up the old pacific hwy and back via Wisemens ferry. Wisemen's for lunch. That way we don't get stuck with the traffic heading back from the long weekend through Thornleigh/Pennant hills in the afternoon. How about meeting me at the Shell Servo/Hungry Jacks on the corner of Cowpasture Road and Hoxton Park Road? What would be a good time for you?
  11. Sounds like a good plan. I can get to the Hungry Jacks at Hoxton Park Road in 45 minutes to an hour (depending on traffic) from my place in Sutherland
  12. I was thnking around 8:30 or 9:00 am, what do you think?
  13. Yep, 9:00am will give me plenty of time
  14. Ok, lets make it around 9, unless we need to make it a little later for Icemaker, as he's coming up from Wollongong. Keep an eye on this thread for updates.
  15. No worries, I have just sent an email to mates of mine to see if they are interested in joining us.

    Praying for the Weather Gods LOL :)
  16. Sounds great, I've also texted a few mates. And also praying for a fine day.
  17. Sounds good lads, 9am is fine.
    Hopefully nothing buggers up this time, the last 2 times I planned on going on a netrider blast, I had to work on a Sunday for the first time in years and the other time I ruptured my ACL ligament in my knee the day before playing soccer.
    I think I might give up if something stops me from coming on this ride (weather not included).
  18. That sounds great, 9:00 AM it is then. Looking forward to a great ride.
  19. Guys,

    Are we still on for tomorrow?
  20. Unless its raining in the morning, Ill be there.