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[Jun 8, 2013] Winter Ls Ride (NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by OzYoda, May 21, 2013.

Winter Ls Ride
Start Date: Jun 8, 2013 10:00
End Date: Jun 8, 2013 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

7- Eleven Berowra to Patonga
Corner Waratah Rd and Pacific Highway Berowra
NSW 2081

Posted By: OzYoda

Confirmed Attendees: 20
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  1. Sat June 08
    A long weekend is coming and so lets do a ride. Before someone mentions double demerits, remember this is an Ls ride so by definition we keep it legal.

    Noob suggested Patonga but its a little short so we'll do a bit of a wonder around as well. Its a short day but you have to get to the start and back home too and its getting colder now :sour:

    Please use the RSVP options to indicate your attendance.

    Googlemap Route Linky

    Start Berowra 7-Eleven 10:00
    Stapes Lookout (short break) 11:00
    Patonga 12:30
    About an hour back to Berowra or wherever, whenever we decide to leave, say around 14:00-14:30


    1.By coming on this ride you accept all responsibility. The organisers and other participants will try to do what is right but you accept that you are the one that has responsibility for your own actions and your own safety. Ride your own ride, keep to your own speed. After all, you are the only one on the bike!

    2.Proper gear is highly recommended. It is up to you what risks you wish to take but we recommend full gear be worn .. ie proper riding jacket with back protection, gloves, riding trousers and boots.

    3.Use common sense and give priority to the safety of everyone in the group (including yourself). Respect all other riders and road users.

    3.If you wish to leave at anytime then thats fine .. but for gods sake do let us know!

    4.Ls, its not a fast ride and overtaking is not actually going to get you anywhere faster

    5.Do come with a tank full of fuel. Running out is so embarrassing! Its only 100km there but there are no servos at Patonga. Let us know if you'll need a fuel stop on the way back.

    6. Do your pre-ride checks on your bike ....

    Yodas quick list of Pre-ride checks:

    - Tire pressure & condition
    - Brake fluid (front & rear)
    - Coolant (if appropriate)
    - Headlight
    - Taillight
    - Brake light (check with both front & rear levers)
    - Indicators
    - Oil level
    - Chain - tension & condition (normally do this when doing a regular chain clean, not every ride)
    - Check for anything loose .. screws, nuts, bolts, fairings, lights, levers, horn, brain.
    - Look for any wet patches on ground under bike that may mean something is leaking (from either of you)
    - Brake pads

    Bring a sense of humour, and a lump of patience :D .
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  2. Oh man I really wish I could make this one, but my birthday is the next day and so I have to be around saturday for the whole family thing
  3. Can't wait :) haven't been there before (y)
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  4. Can't make it I'm a BBQ host on that day
  5. If I'm in the country, I'll be there.
  6. might see if i can attend... although i would pass my house twice during the ride :s

    i might meet you guys at staples if someone hasnt planned anything for me by then. dont feel like wading through the cops and weekend heroes on the old road 4 times... i have my weekday commute along there to avoid them :)
  7. Thats the good thing about doing it on a DD weekend, lots dont like taking the risk :cool:

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  8. I'm going to try and make this ride! I'm flying interstate that night, so will have to confirm a bit closer.... but i'm definitely keen to tag along!
  9. I'm keen to come along.

    Awaiting clearance from the boss. ;)
  10. Hey RiderGirl. If it helps I would expect you to get home around 4 - 4:30, though you can leave before the rest of us if you wish... as long as we know we haven't left you behind :)
  11. Thanks, it's something i'll decide and workout closer. But i'll try and be there for as much as I can, I need all the riding I can get :)
  12. I'm in on the ride (as long as weather is set to be dry that day).

    May have to leave a little earlier, but will see how we're tracking that day.
  13. I am in for DD day ride(y) ....
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  14. Two day birthday ... I like :cool:
  15. Well how do you think I'll be feeling the next day...not expecting to be too flash. haha
  16. Just got my clearance
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  17. Just got my leave pass for the ride :D

    Should we put a post in the L's thread so anyone looking there next week will know we'll be doing this instead ?
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  18. We started the discussion there and pointed it here so most already know of it, but I'll put up a reminder that this means no (organized) session that day.
  19. Yeah I was just thinking that if any new people searching the web, end up at the forum they may not realise if its back in the posts a bit :)