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[Jun 7, 2014] MDTC Track day (Marulan, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by iClint, May 4, 2014.

MDTC Track day
Start Date: Jun 7, 2014 08:00
End Date: Jun 7, 2014 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Marulan driver training centre
8 prairie oak road
Marulan, NSW 2579

Posted By: iClint

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. #1 iClint, May 4, 2014
    Last edited: May 4, 2014
    Come to the MDTC track day!

    MDTC is a small but technical track located in Marulan about 1.25 hours from Sydney.

    This is the perfect opportunity for those who have never done a track day to cut their teeth, build their confidence and have some fun on your bike with out the threat of losing your license.

    The course simulates a street environment such as the old road or Nasho only with clear site lines through corners and one way traffic :)

    Riders are separated into groups by experience and type of bike.

    While leathers are a good option they are not compulsory, simply cover your skin and textile riding gear is fine.

    Cost is $130 for the day plus $40 for a MDTC track license which is valid for 12months.

    A day consists of about 8-9 track sessions of around 15mins (it's longer than it sounds)

    Bikes must be in road worthy condition and exhausts can't be too loud so if you have a sports pipe on fit your dB killer or stick the stock pipe back on.

    I'll be riding there and back, if anyone wants to do the same.

    Bookings are essential so call the track on (02) 4841 1422 to reserve your spot.
  2. IClint

    Planning on phoning tomorrow to book my spot. Where will you be travelling from? I'm in Rouse Hill and would like to travel with you (never been there) if I cannot find a bike trailer or space on someone else's.

    Will be my first track session and heard that this could be tiring - therefore thinking of getting the bike trailored. I posted on your previous thread of March 22 as well.
  3. I'll be leaving from moorebank, but there is really only one way there, so happy to meet anywhere past moorebank.

    as for being fatigued i guess it is relative... it's an easy ride down/up the free way I have a large bike and regularly do long demanding rides so it doesn't bother me.
  4. Has anyone made/is anyone making the trip down from the central west region? Google is telling me it'll be a 4 and a half hour trip to travel 200km (Bathurst > Oberon > Taralga > Marulan) which doesn't sound right, so I'd love to know how long it usually takes.
  5. No that does sound right :(

    Oberon to Goulburn is 170km the road is twisty and rough in sections (2hrs), add 45mins from Bathurst to Oberon and then another 30mins from Goulburn to Marulan and 3.5hrs hours seems about right.

    Its a nice ride I have done it a few times (it takes me about an hour from Goulburn to Oberon ;) ) I wouldn't recommend doing that ride and then a track day as well. You could trailer the bike down, or come down on friday night stay at the motel do the track day stay another night and ride back sunday.
  6. Hi Clint,

    I am really interested in doing this but am worried about my Yoshi exhaust, as I don't have a baffle and I don't have the stock exhaust either to replace it with.

    I don't want to ride for close to 2 hours and then find out that my bike won't be allowed on the track.

    You heard my bike the last time we rode together, would you consider my exhaust loud?

    P.S. It passed the rego inspection just fine :)
  7. I was wearing earplugs most the time so I don't recall it being loud?? you have a month to track down a db killer (if it is available for your pipe).

    to be honest they weren't all that strict on the noise particularly on the track, the issue was people revving in the car park and under the car port around the office where the council noise testing equipment was...
  8. It comes down to how it's ridden also.. If its a 600/750/1000 with stock gearing you'd be hard pressed to get it up in the revs anyway. When I went there years ago I had no baffle and old mate called me in for noise, I agreed to go up an extra gear on the straight and he let me back out and didn't have a prob.

    Glad I got the baffle with my race system, it works so well, it was one of th quietest bikes there and I tested it at EC a week later and the diff in too speed was -1kph with the baffle in. I'm not convinced there's any loss of HP at all.
  9. Don't think this has been posted.

    This vid was put together by the supermoto guys that were there. They were kind enough to include some footage of me riding my 600 in there.

    Hopefully next time at Marulan I'll get to ride a Motard!
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  10. Thanks Guys,

    I have tracked down th db killer for my Yoshi exhaust, so I will try and get it before the track day just in case.
  11. Yeh that's the best way to go, it'll keep them happy. Now u just gotta find a way down there
  12. Interested. But somewhat worried, as it's at least 2 hours ride from North Sydney. An exhaustive ride already... at least on my bike. Will come If I find a good camping spot or a cheap motel nearby.
  13. I'm really interested in doing this.
    Might ring up tomorrow and book my spot.

  14. Yeh there's motels down there, ride down the night before and get a sleep in.

    I rode there and back from Blacktown 1 time on my gf's cbr250rr, it got down to 4 degrees in the morning. The trip home was hard work, the mrs ended up riding the bike half way home
  15. I'm looking more and more likely to do this day. I'll bring my Motard and 600RR down

    I was going to go snowboarding but it's looking like a late season again :(
  16. Gentlemen, please be proactive.
    I signed up for the day, and the lady on the phone told there are less than 20 persons attending. If they won't have 20 riders by Monday, ride day may be canceled.
  17. Sorry guys. I won't be able to make it this time. Have fun
  18. Want to attend - trying to organise a trailer.
  19. Trailer? I'm planning to ride to Goulburn or Marulan on Friday and stay there at cheapest motel/caravan park. I don't mind sharing a room with someone to keep costs down.
  20. Holy crap, I'd better book!