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[Jun 19, 2016] SA meets the Vic's (South Australia)

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Eric, Jun 18, 2016.

SA meets the Vic's
Start Date: Jun 19, 2016 00:00
End Date: Jun 19, 2016 02:00
Time Zone: Australia/Adelaide +09:30 ACST

Halls Gap Chalenge
South Australia 5000

Posted By: Eric

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. I would like to test the water on a SA meets the Vic's. The idea I have is that the Adelaide mob ride to Halls Gap and the Vic's meet us there or enroute. For a bit of a chalange we would ride through Kingston, Narracourte and coming into Halls Gap from the south. That should be a 680km ride and then shorten the route for the return home. Now the Vic's have shown what harden cold weather rider that they are, do we have harden SA riders interested?

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  2. Great idea, I'd be keen on something like that.
    That word would be hardened though.
  3. How about Saturday 2nd. July?
  4. That might be OK. I'm surprised that noone else has expressed interest so far.
  5. Probably because the majority of the Mexicans are out on the icicle ride [Jun 18, 2016] 2016 Icicle Ride (Vic)
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  6. If you are going to ride your SM-T on long boring straight roads, it will hate you (The clutch oil jet will block up in protest) :p

    I would do the ride, in autumn, and over a few days, with the twistiest roads I could find. Mid-winter: would rather do 1 out of a 100 other things. Each to their own :)
  7. Would be great to meet up EricEric, however this time of year I can't commit until the day and Sundays are out until October, weather can be a bit ordinary too
  8. Just found this. Any time is great for me (y) I'd even take a day off work for this. Happy to put you up for the night if needed, live 45km from Halls Gap though.
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  9. So where are the SA riders. We had a new member at Mt. Gambier and this should be a walk in the park from Mt. Gambier.
  10. We will see how many that we can get interested. I maybe able to do dinner............
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  11. Just saw this one. I'd say f... yeah BUT I'm going to see 28 Days and Area 7 that night. Dam, dam, dam. Next time....
  12. EricEric mate if you are serious do it over a few days and meat up with the crew in SE suburbs, when the weather warns up, if you do that you will get people joining you in the west. and the there are the ones out that way that would hook up and maybe travel to the SE for one of uncle greguncle greg epic rides, could be like a Jindabyne for Mexicans
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  14. Grampians in November would be great, wildflowers will be out and weather better, urbanites could make the trip west - yes there is life past the Westgate bridge
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  15. If you plan it right people will come
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  16. and meat you
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  17. You can't help yourself can you Greg?
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  18. no
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  19. There was one thing that I did not think of. Saturday the second is the election so I may put it back a week because I am looking for a bit of a tour.
    We will do a longer tour when the weather is warmer and see if we can meet up with some of you guy's. My wife will come with me if she is over her knee op.
    When I thought of going to Halls Gap in the middle of winter was because it would be a bit difficult: cold, wet and short days. And this would mean that it is a ride aimed at expeirenced riders. Anyway I am going to do this ride and it will be on the 9-10 July and if I am riding by myself I may chuck in an extra day.

    So for the warmer weather ride in about August, I will let you all know when I know that I can get time off to do that ride.