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VIC [Jun 18, 2016] 2016 Icicle Ride (Vic)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, May 1, 2016.

2016 Icicle Ride
Start Date: Jun 18, 2016 17:00
End Date: Jun 18, 2016 23:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

BP Service Centre M1 outbound near Officer
BP Serice Centre m1 Officer

Posted By: GreyBM

Confirmed Attendees: 20
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    Registrations for this year’s Icicle Ride have now opened. With a Netrider Pre Icicle Ride dinner details @ [VIC] - [Jun 16, 2016] Pre Icicle Ride Netrider Dinner (Williamstown)

    For those who don’t know the Icicle Ride is an iconic event, run annually by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria. This is the 36th Ride and it is definitely a must-do bucket list ride. It is a night time ride held in mid-Winter which can be done either as a self navigate ride from instructions given out on the night or as a led (but not corner marked) ride following designated ride leaders. The Ride is run in three stages of about 100 km each with a break in between. The first stage break is usually at a highway service centre and the second stage break will be a soup stop.

    Stating the obvious, this is not a ride for novice riders and it is usually cold so dress warmly.

    This year’s ride of about 300 Km will commence at the BP Service Centre on the M1 outbound near officer about 2 km past the Officer exit. (Melway Map 214 C6). This is about 40 minutes from Melbourne. The ride will finish within an easy hour’s ride of Melbourne.

    The entry fee will include an Icicle Ride badge and a soup stop. All profits from the event will be donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

    You can register online here before the night or download an entry form and post it to the club. You can also simply roll up and register on the night for a higher fee but depending on the numbers, you may miss out on a badge.

    The event starts at 6 pm but check in and registration on the night will open at 4 pm. You need to be there at least an hour before the start to ensure you are fuelled, registered and in time for the ride briefing. In past years a number of people arrived late and the start was held off to accommodate which pushed the finish time back too late. This year the ride will start on time. So be there early.

    Please also note the finish time is approximate. Three years ago a bunch of riders got lost and by the time we rounded them up that group finished about 2 am.

    More information and links to online registration will be found on the BMWMCCVic Website shortly.

    A word about weather forecasts. We have a lot of entrants hanging out until the last minute to check the weather forecast before they decide whether or not to go. For the past two years, the ride forecasts have been shocking with torrential rain predicted. Two years ago it did rain in line with the forecast but only for about 15 minutes of the ride and the rest was a crystal clear night. Last year the predicted rain did not hit at all and the weather was positively balmy – the best the Ride has ever had. So don’t be unduly swayed by a bad forecast.

    Now here is the important part.
    There is a prize for the Club which the most attendees. Netrider held this in 2005 and then unchallenged for the four years 2007 to 2010. After that then we were narrowly defeated and one or two extra riders would have won it for us. That includes one year when we may have had the most riders but some of them didn’t record Netrider as their club on the registration form. (Make sure you do that folks)

    Last year we narrowly snatched back the trophy from the Far Riders. They are going to be fired up to take it back off us, so we need as many Netriders as we can to ensure we hold on to the trophy. Remember too that the prize is for participants so pillions count and are a great way to keep warm.
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  2. uncle greguncle greg Time to start rallying the troops.
  3. will do mate
  4. Last year Greydog claimed to have won the most layers of clothing award with 9 layers. anyone want to take her on this year and challenge her for the Michelin Man title.
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  5. I had a spare one in the top box so that would've been 10 if necessary :)

    Someone else...sorry, can't remember who it was, thought he'd win with 6.... Pfft, amateur!
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  6. Think it was Gooza
  7. Nah, not me. I'm a fat basterd who gets hot easy. Probably had 4 or 5 layers on though. I was toasty given it wasn't actually that cold.
  8. Bit far for me but will be there in spirit (or is that 'with' spirits?)
  9. Well i'm ready fitted up me heated grips today.
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  10. did you get the three pack?
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  11. Whaa?
  12. ah so you did
  13. If I wasn't a sook from Qld I would do this ....but ass it is I am wearing 6.5 layers (2 of them feather down) and already looking like Ms Michellin lady!! Anyone entering thiis certainly has to be made out of ice!! LOL o_O:oldman:

    Closest I've done is "The BIG Chill" to Stanthorpe (only place in Qld that it has/can snow) in July -http://www.qemsc.com.au/whatson.html

    That was cold enough for me! I'll be cheering on from the inside warmth of a car! o_O:angelic:
  14. If I can get the next day off work I'll be there.
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    'Did I mention there was an award for the person who traves the furthest distance to the start point?

    One year we had two people separately travel down from Brisbane (I did say this was an iconic event). The guy who came from Northern suburb thought he had won until he found the guy from Southern suburb had come via Adelaide. So sorry George, being in NSW won't cut it as an excuse. :hungry:
  16. looks like i may be out
    bike is getting assessed
  17. huh !!! what happened uncle greguncle greg ?
  18. one of the riders didnt look where he was going on saturday
  19. WTF..

  20. Bugger mate, hope she isn't too bad
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