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Jumps on your roadie?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blitzkrieg Films, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. anyone know any good places around sydney to get launched? I doubt many people are fans but I'm always trying...I wanna try and get some no footers cranking. I dunno what kind of damage getting airborne on a road bike can do.. but they have suspension for a reason.

    p.s sorry if this is one of those irritating and stupid "noob" posts.
  2. Not irritating ....

    .... just puzzling! I guess bikes can be put to all sorts of uses, and if that's what turns you on, fine I guess, but I suspect you could get the same sort of thrill snowboarding in Perisher, and in the mean time you could explore the real fun of motorcycling on a ride day or track day. Plus I just winced at the thought of a bike coming down to the ground from any sort of height, my mind went back to the old slapstick movies!
    Over to others, I guess!!! :D
  3. yes they have suspension, but it's not for that reason. i can see major groin pain if you stuff it up :shock: ohh, and other pain too.
  4. haha yeh I just got back from thredbo, I also have been racing Downhill mountain bikes for years.
    Pretty much anything I get in/on is likely to get airborne (cept my skateboard re:unco haha). Don't get me wrong, I love going fast and can't wait to scrape these virgin knee's of mine, but yeh.....don't see many roadies doing moto x tricks (cept that guy in nitro circus 2 doing the forward flip over the foam pit).
    What's the story with track days anyway? I'm heaps keen for one
  5. Somewhere I recall seeing some pics in Two Wheels magazine of a dude doing jumps on a Beemer back in the 70's, an R100S I think
  6. I'd humbly suggest most roadbikes have too much weight and too soft suspension, with nowhere near enough travel to be considered a jumping proposition, at least not often :shock:

    The "motard" style might be OK, but if jumpings your thing, a chook chaser might be the go. But hey.. your bike :D

    Track days are just that, you go to a track for an semi to full organised day of testing out and improving your skills. They can range from a bike club hiring out the track, organising some people to be stewards/marshalls and safety stuff etc, riders are divided into groups (skill levels etc) and have a good time in a safe environment, all the way up to to structured courses like "advanced skills" or "cornering and braking"

    SCRT here in Hobart used to have one monthly, till Baskerville got closed to Bikes (hopefully starting again soon) Cost a very reasonable $45 for the day (but you have to be an SCRT member)

  7. hah speaking of stuffing up I launched myself off a speed bump a week or 2 ago and got completly sideways. If you've ridden trail bikes you would know to jump (most of the time) you give it a heap of throttle on take off. this worked way to well and sent the bike sideways in the air...i landed it ok but it scared me stupid
  8. well, we all know who NOT to buy a VT250F off dont we :LOL:

    :wink: your bike dude, but be prepared for some extra bills for wear and tear, roadie suspension is good, but to put it into perspective, it'd be like doing a DH run on a huffy mate :LOL:
  9. If you got a really nice hill you could probably find some spots that would let you get air and still land softly.

    Problem is it would almost certainly be a blind crest :shock:
  10. Perhaps you could look for railway crossing on the side of a hill. There's one not far from me. While I don't jump it, I can certainly feel the suspension unloading when I hit it at speed. Great feeling... :D :D :D
  11. Actually there are some spectacular photos of road bikes getting airborne. Some IOM TT and more recently Matt Maladin in his advert.
    The Laguna Seca track has sections where you could swear the riders could get air...
  12. Oh man you'd want to land it straight.

    At least on a dirt bike if you land slightly crossed up, the dirt gives a little and gives you half a chance at recovery.

    On a road bike, you're gonna get some fun wobbles at the least!

    Enjoy your quest for air.

    There's a good video of a guy ramping a gixxer into a bin full of foam a couple of times. Someone else prolly knows the link.
  13. actually if you watch the "2002 Isle of man" with David Jefferies doing a voice over of a full lap he did, he makes a comment about the little bridge that they get airbourne over. and it's to the effect " we could do some spectacular jumps over that bridge, but it's not worth the damage it may cause to the bikes when they land which would include a broken chain"

    even though they get both wheels off the ground they slow right down before they hit it. And that's on a road circuit that they average 200kph.
  14. You need to visit TRAKDAZE its the site for organizing ride days.... Not many netriders are willing to take their pretty posers away from the saftey of the southbank coffee shops :p
  15. Well it is winter and they may get it dirty :LOL: :LOL:
  16. There's a rail crossing in blackburn that got me skyward with a pillion on. Scared the shit out of both of us.
  17. Same deal down in Hastings ( no pillion though ) on my old GPZ750 , the guys watching recon i got about a meter of clean air, scared the crap out me and came down as gental as possable rear end 1st! but still blew out both front fork seals when the front came down .

    So unless you do some major suspension work i wouldn't recomend it at all
  18. Well moto suspension is reasonably easy to work with, but I don't really wanna have to rebuild them every few weeks.
    It isa given that when I'm going for air I'll be sussing out something with a decent landing, as with any jump if you land it to flat youre asking for trouble.
    I've seen guys in video's jumping over people, some "road warriors" or something movie, and in one old crusty demons or something a guy jumps a road using stairs as an upramp (form memory)...
    either way thanks for the input
  19. Theres plenty of roads in the Adelaide Hills you get get air off, hell I can even do it on my 250 but youve got to be close to 200 clicks* to do it...

    *under controlled conditions.
  20. There's a guy that run's around Sth-East/Peninsula Melb with Blitzkrieg Films emblazoned all over his bike and stunt protective grea attached to the bike. The way he ride's through peak traffic I'm surprised he hasn't gone airborne.