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Jumping the queue

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tempus, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. I'm sure this must have been covered at some point but I need to know whether it's legal for riders to creep between the cars at a red light.

    I hear different stories from each person I ask.

    Some say a flat out no. Some say only if traffic is at a total stop.

    So what's the actual legal ruling on it? I'm in NSW by the way.
  2. Tempus, if you go to the top menu and do a search for lane splitting, or just splitting, you'll find around 100 threads on the subject.

    In NSW it is not legal, but rarely is the ban enforced....
  3. Yup its illegal for motorcycles in NSW, but not bikes. As Hornet says, only powertripping/bored cops act on it, if they see it, and if they are coherent enough to realise its illegal. I used to do it, but I lost 2 points from getting caught without a learner plate when it fell off :( So only 2 points left on license, meaning if I get caught for lane splitting, there goes my license.. So I'll wait for appeal news/green Ps.
  4. Been fishing around the rta road rule pdfs, lanesplitting is OH SO VAGUE!

    But amongst my travels I found this:

    151 Riding a motor bike or bicycle alongside more than
    1 other rider
    (1) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle must not ride on a road that
    is not a multi-lane road alongside more than 1 other rider,
    unless subrule (3) applies to the rider.
    Offence provision.
    Note Bicycle, motor bike and multi-lane road are defined in the
    dictionary, and rider is defined in rule 17.
    (2) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle must not ride in a marked
    lane alongside more than 1 other rider in the marked lane,
    unless subrule (3) applies to the rider.
    Offence provision.
    Note Marked lane is defined in the dictionary.
    (3) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle may ride alongside more
    than 1 other rider if the rider is:
    (a) overtaking the other riders; or
    (b) permitted to do so under another law of this jurisdiction.
    Note Overtake is defined in the dictionary.
    Part 11 Keeping left, overtaking and other driving rules
    Division 5 Obeying overhead lane control devices applying to marked lanes
    Rule 151
    174 Australian Road Rules
    (4) If the rider of a motor bike or bicycle is riding on a road that is
    not a multi-lane road alongside another rider, or in a marked
    lane alongside another rider in the marked lane, the rider must
    ride not over 1.5 metres from the other rider.
    Offence provision.
    (5) In this rule:
    road does not include a road-related area, but includes a
    bicycle path, shared path and any shoulder of the road.
    Note Bicycle path is defined in rule 239, road-related area is defined in
    rule 13, shared path is defined in rule 242, and shoulder is defined in
    rule 12.

    I was under the impression that bikes were not allowed to ride next to each other in the same lane, but this states otherwise :) I'll keep looking and maybe ring a copshop sometime and see what they have to say.
  5. Bikes don't get green P's.
  6. No, but cars do. I'm on reds at the moment :cool:
  7. Oh, Right the whole car thing.
  8. If your searching for previous threads try lane or traffic filtering as wel as splitting.
  9. No, it's not legal at any time. At least in Victoria, NSW and QLD.

    I always look around for the fuzz beforehand.
  10. It is legal in Victoria under the following proviso's:

    1) It is illegal to pass to the left of another vehicle in the same lane if that vehicle is moving, unless that vehicle is in the process of making a right-hand turn. You may overtake to the left of a stopped vehicle at any time.

    2) Any time that you cross the white lines that you must indicate your intention to do so.

    3) It is legal to overtake to the right-hand side of a moving vehicle within the same lane, unless they are making a right hand turn. The vehicle does not have to be stopped.

    So long as you adhere strongly to those 3 points, then you may lane-split quite happily. The hardest one to get around in moving traffic though is the "not overtake to the left of a moving vehicle in the same lane" rule, and it's usually this technicality upon which people say that lane-splitting in Victoria is illegal.
  11. I'm very glad I got my license before the whole snakes and ladders system came into effect.

    What's the minimum age now before you can get your full license?
  12. 26.3 years old.

    But only that early if the month you are born in begins with a consonant found in the 3rd quarter of the Hebrew alphabet, and the day is a prime number not beginning with 1, and you can pay upfront for the $1,600 license fee in non-negotiable international bonds, and you have submitted your essay of 500 words or less on "Why I Deserve A License Even Though I Am Probably A Reckless Piece Of Shit Who Doesn't Deserve A 2nd Chance." after the beginning of a non-consecutive month and before the cut-off date on the 3rd day (weekend? bad luck).
  13. To sum up Cathar's post. Lane splitting is legal in Victoria if you pass on the right hand side of the car and stay to the left of the white line. You can cross the line if you indicate. :)
  14. umm, you sure about that... sounds kinda painful if you think about it
  15. Umm you can get Ls at 16 (bike Ls at 16 and 9 months). Can go for reds at 17, greens after 12 months, then full after 18months. So minimum full license age is 19 and 6 months. Although alot are a year behind or so.
  16. geez thats complicated, I'm so glad I'm from WA
    L's at 16 and 9 months for min of 3 months
    P's for a year,
    Full license at 18 :p

    Although things have changed since my day