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Jumping the gun...

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ngalbrai, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. ...as I've only just ordered it but just specced a fully pimped Street Triple, dear god I can't wait!

    Feel like I am betraying my beloved CB400 but hey, gotta get a grown up bike.

    Praying for a dry delivery day so I can let rip.

    Just need to learn to ride the beast properly now, CSS booked in June.

    Photos to follow if I can get off it long enough to take some.
  2. Standard or R version? What colour etc? When are you expecting delivery?
  3. R, diablo red, 3 into 2 arrows, led indicators, anodised front brake reservoir, black radiator cowl, flyscreen, adjustable levers, rear hugger, pink handlebar tassels, bit of cardboard into the spokes to make a cool engine noise, Barbie bell...

    Delivery next Saturday hopefully.
  4. Cool, how excitement... I went from Honda CB400 to Suzuki GSR750, but the striple was neck and neck for a while...love it!!!

    Trust me once you get that nice new bike in your shed, you won't look twice at the 400... Mine has since gone on to a very loving home and is now thrilling a newbie with the wonderness of motorbikes... A week after he bought it I got a message...this is all it said "THIS BIKE IS AWESOME!!!"

    hahahaha, I think he was happy.

    anyway congrats on your new purchase...:angel:
  5. I reckon these CB400s will serve many learners well for years to come. Hurry up June 30 tax refund, it's time for a new bike so I can 'donate' my CB to a needy learner! It's for charity after all.