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Jumping outta my skin with excitement!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dharobe, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Hey there

    Motorbikes and riding are my newest passion! I did the Q-ride weekend a few weeks ago and failed miserably! The figure 8s did my head in on a CB250 and apparently I wasn't fast enough on the road and kept leaving my indicators on - grrrr. So I'm looking for a bike to practice on (I like the look of the CBF250 as a first bike) and then I'll go and do Day 2 again. It's like wherever I look there are bikes - like they're taunting me. I'm desperate to get out there!

    Anyway enough ranting. Great to be here - looking forward to connecting with awesome bike lovers and a whole new world!!

  2. Welcome Deb - good to read that you're not going to give up because of a one time failure. Good luck with your riding adventure!!

    Oh yeah.. give it time before someone comes in to ask if you're hot and beg for pics :rofl:
  3. Welcome Deb! Stick at it! I'm a newbie too and just got my bike last weekend. There are loads of good Lams bikes out there, its just a matter of going and sitting on them and seeing what feels right for you. Good luck!! Lans
  4. When you're ready, there are a few of us who can help get you "dialed in". The things you're describing are stuff you can practice and learn. The thing you need most of all is the enthusiasm to get over the freaky bits along the way! Please get in touch if you need anything.

  5. Welcome to NR :) Keep at it. It's well worth the effort!
  6. Are you hot? I'm flying upto Brisbane at 2pm to take pictures of yourself for NR ....and buy a car..but at NR the women always cum first !

    Hmmm seems abit over the top even for me
  7. Welcome to NR and to the world of motorbikes. (y)
  8. Hello and welcome, good luck with the bike hunt and retest.
  9. hey! welcome to NR (from another newbie)... don't worry about the figure 8's too much, they sucked for me too... the idea is good but in the real world you wont have to do them... i dropped their bike while doing my q-ride fig 8's. AND i told not to go so slow on the road.... till i pointed out that i was doing 70 in a 60 zone already...

    get your bike, practice before your test... and you'll be cruisy in no time ;-)
  10. Welcome and keep at it.................your attitude is great. Nothing worse than someone trying to get their license and being full of themselves.

    Theres plenty of instructional threads here that might help.............maybe go to the learner rides to talk to others would be good.