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jumped ship!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HONDA HAWK, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. I just bought an R1 after years of honda's but never a sports bike(vfr only). Will this change change me forever or will I come home to a blade.Perhaps I will need to change my sign in. The price was right ,so were the km's.Wish me well at the island

  2. Tuning forks are better than blades anyway, (or so they say :roll:).
  3. Welcome to the dark side! The force is strong with this one........ LOL :LOL:

    Me being an owner of the baby brother to the R1, i would say your here to stay my friend!! once you got yam, your never going back!
    Now show us a piccy of your new girl!
  4. :roll:
    you'll be back ;)
  5. :WStupid:
  6. You have done well!

    R1 cuts up the blade in most areas!

    Just avoid kawa-suck-shiite. Rubbish

    I have owned them all, and speak the truth! :LOL:
  7. Ahhh, so because you've owned a Kawasaki and didn't like it, they must all be 'rubbish'? Riiight...:roll:

    Honda Hawk, congrats on the new bike! Go with whatever makes you happy! :wink:
  8. Mate, they are shitte because there like wrought iron. Made to go really fast, but lack the finishing quality.
    Just cause you've owned one bike doesn't make you a critic :wink: Let me know when you've owned your 10th bike :roll:
  9. Welcome to the dark side. :cool:
  10. See i look at what you have in the garage there Pro Pilot and tend to think you might know a bit about good bikes..... :grin:

  11. Me TOO!^^
    U will be back...

    happy trails wit the new bike though.. :wink:
  12. When did the R1 last win masterbike?
  13. Umm, about 4 weeks ago :LOL: 2007 Master Bike

    Japanese class: #1 Best Japanese sportsbike

    World class - The closest ever finish, R1 in 2nd place (behind $35,000 Italian exotica)

    For that price difference, I'll take an R1, thanks!
  14. It was a dorothy dixer. That's right, they had to lift their game to beat the Kawasaki wins the years before.

    To say a bike brand is sh!t is just silly - unless your tongue is in your cheek.

  15. Thanks for the support, I agree entirely. You can't seriously say a whole bike brand is rubbish just because you've owned 10 bikes. I figure you're welcome to have an opinion, but try to actually base it on something concrete and not just generalise.
  16. I have to say something here......all the big jap 4 company's make a good product.....they are rival company's but there so close there not funny.....altho i have to admit....i swear a bit more often pulling a kawasaki apart....the euro stuff is just junk to work on
  17. Brought new r1 last year and love it! Done 20,000 kms on it in a year and 850 in one day with three flats! Doh! When i decided to by a litre bike, entrusted a good friends word on the matter who has served me in elizabeth street for nine years as courier. With this guys knowledge and experience who i treat his word as gospel, told me the following. Wanted kwaka zx 10, he told me weak frames. Next cbr 1000, have to ride hard to feel smooth. Not good just plodding down the freeway. Gsxr 1000. Great bike and nothing bad to say about. In the end went with the r1 without even test riding it or any other 1000 and love it. Have rode Gsxr 1000 07 recently ( thanks sean) and was impressed with the midrange punch. This summer going to try and ride to cairns in two days!
  18. bloody oath, kwakas definatly arent as easy to work on as hondas.

    enjoy the new ride!
  19. Let me know when your bike goes waaay past 100k kms, and we'll compare notes on build quality then :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.