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Jump Starting the bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by awseome, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Ok.. i mucked up by hard wiring the heated grips to the battery, and some banana though it would be a good idea to press the ON button, but to cut a long story short the bike wont start even after being pushed. wheels lock up and she slides along merrily. i have searched here but couldnt find much info. so mu question is can i jumps start it using my car battery? or should i just go and buy a trickle charger?

    thanks for rhe help

  2. Yes. In 99% of cases anyway.
  3. To push start, have it in 2nd, push as fast as you can then jump on the seat (sidesaddle works for me) and as your weight hits the seat drop the clutch. This should prevent the back wheel locking. If it locks, try a gear higher.
    Jump starting off your car is as Pat said. Usually you won't need to have the car's engine running as you would for a car-to-car start, and that will rule out problems with the car's output affecting the bike's electronics.
  4. Ahhh.. thanks guys
  5. I was beaten to the response regarding a higher gear as I know from experience that 2nd or 3rd work a treat.
  6. Would also depend upon what size & cylinder numbers your bike is. I've done a push start of a v twin 750. Wouldn't try it on my BMW twin cylinder 1100. 8-[
  7. I have push started harleys on more occasions than I like to remember..
    The only Bike I've owned that I havent had to pushstart at some stage or another is the kids peewee50..
    As others have said, a jumpstart is fine just double check to make sure the leads go the right way.
  8. If you do try to bump start it doing the sidesaddle trick, make sure you have a mate standing by with a video camera :grin:.

    It's actually a valid technique and is my preferred option, but it does take a bit of practice to avoid outcomes that will be talked about for years should they be posted on YouTube. Take it from me as a man who's leapt on board from the left, on a bike with no front brake, on a busy street :shock: My, but that was fun :LOL:.
  9. well i got my wife and my sister inlaw to push me up and down the street.. even in 3rd the rear just slid. so guess will go the jumpstart way. it was worth being pushed around tho :)
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    if the back wheel is sliding then u need to bump start, means jumping on the seat when u release clutch to get traction

    video (not the best but you will get the idea)

    and make sure your key is turned to on and your ignition switch is on

    and if u try this way, we want videos
  11. Quote large....

    seems obvious... but Myself and many others have worked up a sweat trying to bump start with the kill switch set to KILL.
  12. thanks for all the advise and goz the ignition WAS off!!! another go tomm with everything on, or its the jumper leads
  13. lol thought so
  14. I know the feeling, my wife does this all the time...
  15. I think a trickle charger is one of those things that will be useful in the future.

    You can pick them up from supercheap for around 40 dollars. with most bikes having tiny batteries its a great idea.

    Ive bump started my bike before. I was lucky to have access to a decent sized hill and a 250. id be careful with a bigger bike.

    I think after all the attempts with push starts its time to get a charger.
  16. bit OT
    I lent my bike to my bro last week, and then went to ride it a cpl hrs after he returned it and it wouldn't start. I was ready to farkin kill him for managing to bugger the bike :tantrum:
    Then I happened to notice that he flipped the killswitch off.
    I never use it so I didn't even think to look there.
    All's well, that end well
  17. ok, I will admit to this happening to me.
    I had bought the bike a week before this happened.

    I went up to an industrial estate to pratice slow riding and ended up laying the bike down at a standstill.
    Tried the ignition and it didn't start, the bike had to be roll started when I took it on this ride due to the guy I bought it from letting it sit to get a flat battery.
    Anyway I could hear the ignition tick and want to turn over but there was no sound of it turning over.
    I figured it had to be roll started again so I took it onto a driveway of one of the businesses and attempted to roll start it, nothing. Tried again. Nothing.
    Scratching my head I thought maybe it needed a steeper hill to start so that there is enough speed. Went to another driveway next door that had a driveway that was significantly steeper, tried that from halfway and nothing. Tried once more, nothing. At this point I was wearing my bodys water content on the outside of my skin and allowing the profanity to flow out of my mouth.
    I stopped, I stared at the bike, I checked everything. Kill switch was not on, I was in 1st gear (which I now know is not the way) , I was using the clutch correctly... Everything was correct.
    I attempted twice more on a short very steep driveway that went into a parking lot, nothing.
    At this point I was ready to push the bloody thing off the roof of this parking lot!
    With one last attempt I took it to the very top of this driveway, sweat was everywhere on me, I was exhausted from pushing the bike around in full gear, and pissed off to the max. I let it sit for 5 mins while I calmed down and got my breath back figuring it could be flooded. I put all my gear back on which was near impossible while sweaty, jumped back on and rolled it to the edge of the decline of the driveway. Here goes...
    I rolled it down the driveway and attempted four times to get it going, got the to bottom of the driveway without success. I was furious.
    What the hell was I going to do, I would probably have to get it towed or get my dads ute and pick it up.
    As I was getting off the bike my finger hit the ignition, which turned over the bikes engine but didn't start. Tried again with a fist full of trottle and it started. No fuel in the carbies. FML.
    Bike - 1 Gnome - 0
  18. If you jump it, hook the red lead to the pos on the car battery, then red to pos on the bike, then black to neg on the bike, and finally black to neg on the car.

    Don't stuff the sequence, shit gets sparky and your battery is pretty close to your fuel tank.

    Just turn your car's electrics on, don't farkin start the carnt though.
  19. jumped it, up and running, time for a longish ride and a sickie.

    thanks all
  20. Let it run for at least a half hour before you kill it, if it won't start first time after you hit the kill switch, might mean it's not holding a charge (= new battery, get one from the wreckers for cheap)