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Jump starting a bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by neilcooper, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. A certain person has been an idiot and left his keys in his bike and now the battery is dead beause of DRL.

    I'm going to attempt a jump start. Before I push this 257 kg bike up the nearest incline, is there any special technique or other things I should be aware of?

  2. what ype of bike is it?
  3. Same precautions as any new car these days, Just need to take extra care in the confined space that the 'pos' jumper clamp cant earth out on the frame.
    I side a piece of cardboard in next to the the jumper as a failsafe.

  4. So, I presume, have the choke on full, the bike in second, clutch in, roll, clutch out when up to speed & away we go?

  5. Suzuki Volusia (VL 800). A v-twin cruiser.
  6. oh ok thought you meant jumperlead to battery start. roll starting is relatively easy. don't worry about choke, put in second or third, clutch in push like crazy let go clutch when up to speed and give it some throttle. would be advisable to get a mate to help push so you can be on the bike properly
  7. er Bob, he's talking about PUSH-starting I think.

    Neil, you got it right, as soon as it fires, pull the clutch in and get the revs up a bit, start to get some charge back into the battery......

    yeah I can see that now :LOL: hmmm, as you say "push or bump" start may have been a better question to ask hey :wink:

    Ps: Niel, best put the Batt on a charger o/night if possible ? the bike will only surface charge the battery at best.

  8. about 20kmh i found.. seamed to work on my GSX250.. had to do it soooo many times i can now do it myself.
    but a mate makes it a hell of a lot easier (less pushing for you)
  9. Thanks guys.

  10. i had to cluthc start my gsx250 yesterday was a lot easier than i thought. push it up a hill (hardest part) tun everything on, 2nd gear, clucth in, acceleate hard and start rolling, when u comfortanle drop cluth and press start button at same time. now be carful cause if u reving sh*t out of it and it comes on u goin to go flying.

    this worked for me, let it idle for a min or so and i started 1st time 2day so i think/hope i got battery better.

    good luck
  11. That cruiser's not going to be easy to start, you'll need to get a bit of speed up! Get a mate to help push you down the hill.

    Turn the ignition on, choke out, I use first gear... And run like hell. Then jump on the bike as your mate keeps pushing and let the clutch out.

    If it starts for you, it is important to give it plenty of gas, throw your legs out sideways and yell "YEEEEEEE-HAAAAARRRRRRR!" This is the best part of the operation.
  12. I also give the ignition button a few taps while i'm at it. Admittedly I dont know if this actual helps bt it always starts when I do! I found second gear was easier than using first, just cause the rear wheel locked up to easy in first - no offence Loz!!
  13. Yeah fair enough, you do need to ride the clutch a bit to do it successfully in first. Perhaps second is better for a big twin.

    Either way, the YEEEEEEEE-HAAAARRRRRRR!!!! is imperative.
  14. Ha ha ha, but try not to throw your hand in the air whilst yelling out the obligatory yeeha!! :LOL:
  15. Well, one hand is OK, TWO hands is probably not in the user manual :LOL:
  16. Having had a bung stator on the Hyo for the last couple of months, I think I know a bit about bump starting V-twin cruisers. Firstly, Loz is right, you gotta yell YEEEE-HAAAAAR!!!!, or failing that, I find a boisterous "FAAAAARRRRRK-YEEEEEAAAHH!!" works well. Also, ONLY throw your hand in the air as you're doing it if you've got a cowboy hat handy.

    Seriously though, 2nd gear, clutch in, downhill, get to speed, dump clutch, bike fires, grab clutch, give it hell.

    EDIT: from personal experience, don't try to bump start a bike using the ramps of an underground carpark unless you are reasonably confident that it WILL fire. Otherwise you're pushing 250+kg up three levels of carpark with one attendant telling you sternly to get the f*ck out of his carpark and the other attendant pissing himself laughing at you...