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Jump starting a bike from a car?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by RedNob, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Well my new baby has a flat battery. Can I jump it from a car or will that make bad things happen?

    It's a big twin (VTR1000) and I'm also after some advice on cold starting it, it doesn't really seem to cooperate alot of the time. Advice on choke/no choke etc would be great.

    I have searched and turned up some jump starting results but from nothing specifially relating to a car as such.
  2. If you start if from a car, once it fires up, very quickly remove the leads, otherwise you stand a reasonable chance of rying the reg/rectifier.

    Honda have been long known for poor reg/recs on their bikes, and they toast easily.
  3. Hey redNob it will be fine jumping the Storm from a car just ensure you connect possitive to possitive negative to neg etc , Secondly best way to cold start a Storm choke full out no Throttle Cheers Bob
  4. Cheers guys, very helpful.
  5. There is a slight possibility that a power spike when hooking up the jumpers could mess with any electronics on the car or bike (fuel injection computer for example). Safest way would be to either buy jumper leads with a spike filter, or alternatively disconnect both batteries from the vehicles then connect them together and leave them for a while. Doing this will partially charge the bike battery which, all going well, should be sufficient to get it to start once you put the battery back. Of course you could also just buy a charger or a jump-starter from an auto-store, or push start the bike.
  6. The advice given to me for jumping from a car was to do so with the car off - a car battery will still have more than enough juice to jump a bike without the engine running. There is also an overload risk for the bike if you do connect the battery to a car that IS running - so generally a bad idea in that regard!

    As for starting - full choke seems to be the way. I know my Tuono needs fast-idle on full when it's cool, and sometimes a little more throttle than that to start when it's really cold. One of the more important things to do is NOT twist/mess with the throttle while starting, like you often do on a 4-cyl bike. Don't try to catch the start, just let the bike do it's thing until it's warmed up, then take the FI/choke off and ride. :)
  7. Just went and got a charger, figure its easier if it happens again.
  8. Car off, headlight on in the car.
  9. Car off +1. But why the headlights? The battery is still putting out the same voltage.........
  10. Heaps of car battery starts done before. Agree best if done car off...
  11. sry to highjack the post, but could somone give me some info on motorbike batery chargers?? is there a site that give me info?

    just wanted to know how exactly they work ie. just plug into power point and attach to bike battery? how much they cost? where to get from? and any other info i may need on them?
  12. Just got mine from supercheap for 50 bux.
  13. Yep, hook up to the battery and switch on the power (best done in that order, less chance of sparks). Most batteries will (or at least should) give info on what current (ie amps) it should be charged at and for how long - ie 4 amps for 1.5 hours. Bike batteries are tiny compared to a car so you don't need much to charge them. Personally I just use a cheap, 15 buck car charger I got from Supercheap (output matched the recommended charge on the battery). No point buying anything with too high an output as it could potentially damage the battery - although some of the more expensive chargers do offer variable output and the option of trickle charge.

  14. ah bob i've had probs starting with full choke the last few mornings (its getting bloody cold down here), but i have been able to get it to fire, without any choke and the slightest bit of throttle, then choke on once its running
  15. Ah well, I'll surely try everything eventually :)

    It started up first time tonight, still very cold in the garage here in Melb. Full choke, no throttle, 2 revolutions then it was firing.

    Had to hold the throttle to give it a blip a couple of times in the first 30 seconds, but it was all very easy.

    Took it to the shop to get some brand new rubber on both ends :)
  16. it says in the VTR1000 owners maunual that you should have the choke on for no more than one minute, otherwise possible damage will result to the cylinders. i dont know what the hell that is about, point to note perhaps.
    full choke no throttle works for me every time.

  17. Its a carburettor model so the choke actually makes the mixture richer. Full choke once the engine is running increases the likelyhood of fuel washing the oil from the cylinder walls = more wear and unburnt fuel in the oil.