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"Jump in the Line" - Sat Learners [VIC]

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Nightowl, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Have put together a few clips from recent Sat prac sessions (excl. last Sat - didn't take camera).

    Many thanks to Hawklord & GreyBM for all the great work they do.

    See you all at another Sat. soon. :D

  2. awesome vid - awesome song - you're . . . .awesome
  3. Awe ... schucks! Thanks, Unosevdeus. :grin:

    Might play with it a little further to see if can draw some better quality images out of it when get my computer back up & running properly again.

    See you soon.
  4. waaah cool video :D
  5. (y)
    other half said my mug spoiled clip... :p
    Hmm, laughed as she said it so I'm hoping she was kidding....lol

    Awesome stuff Nightowl..... and ur awesome.... (y)
  6. Thanks Holly & Joe. :grin:

    lol, Joe - your 'mug' did no such thing (had to be kidding).