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Julz needs a bike expert

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by R1_lover, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. Im heading down to Hoppers Crossing Sunday to look at a CBR250RR and need someone who would be kind enough to lend me a helping hand.

    I know bugger all about bikes, and not sure what to look for really.

    The bike has been out of reg since about Feb from what lve been told, but looks in great condition.

    I guess the only problem is if l like it and want to buy it...lm not sure how to get it home, as it has no reg...plus l dont have gear to wear to get it home, so...if theres someone who may be out that side of town that can help me ld apreciate it!!

    Also might help if there got the gift of the gab..and may be able to talk him into getting it reg & raodworthworthy, to make it that little bit easier.
    Either way l would need someone to test ride it for me and get it home back to heidelberg.

    I said l would ring him around lunch time...is not a morning person here...lol.

    Julz :)
  2. Can anyone help?????
  3. you'll need to ring up vicroads and get a temporary pass to ride it on the road

    I think your best bet is to get an independant inspection by a mechanic. I'd be able to give you a basic idea of the bike's condition, but I'm busy tomorrow unfortunately

    P.S. what year is the bike, and what's the asking price?
  4. If only it wasnt this Sunday I'd be able to help you.
    I'm heading to MJT territory.

    You dont need a permit from PrickToads if you are riding your bike directly there for teh sole purpose to register it.
  5. sorry i've got to much on tomorrow :(
    yeah ask him if he could get a road worthy for you then if he says yes then you know that it doesn't have much if anything wrong with it( but don't count on him doing it for you most will say no).

    You can purchase a permit for a unroadworthy bike from vic roads, you can get them from any vicroads office for either 7 days or 28 days and then you can ride it to where ever you need to get it fixed.
    but have you thought of picking it up on a trailer if you hire a trailer with a cage you can use the cage to help support the bike( easier i think).

    good luck but remember check out afew other bike aswell don't buy the first thing you see.
    the more you check out the better off you will be because you will have more of an idea what they look like and how they feel and what they sound like( different knocks and klunches mean different things)
    well that's my 2 cents
    good luck
  6. what about getting it home from hoppers to heidelberg though..
    I would still need to someone to ride it home for me
  7. Hello R1 Lover,

    I am a Hoppers Local myself. I used to own a little CBR250RR myself. They are a great bike. If it is un regoed it will need a road worthy. This will inculde a brake and tyre check as well as checking all electrics and reflectors. They also check for any oil leaks.

    Mostly these bikes are pretty idiot proof, but avoid one that have been stacked, and believe me there are plenty of those (Learner jitters).

    The good things about these bike is that there are plenty of them, so you should easily be able to find one with current rego and road worthy for sale at a reasonable price.

    PM me if you are still interested in it tomorrow. I may be able to take a quick look at it for you.

    Take it easy, Mark
  8. Mark if you could look at it l would greatly apreciate it!! :)

    I will pm u

    And if all goes well, l will just leave a deposit and sort out getting a trailer.

    Thanks for all the advise guys.

  9. Julz
    be very carefull.
    Mark will know what to look for but selling un reg bikes there is a trap.

    Jimi (james )
    will be able to attest to this .
    we went and looked at a bike for him , anyway the short part of it was, got the owner to pay for the roadworthy .
    he did and it cost him $700
    thats $700 out of his pocket and not jimi's
    if the disks need machining they might not be thick enough so they might say they need replacing etc and then pads etc etc , and it racks up .

    if you like the bike and think its a good deal , tell him you want it with a roadworthy.
    if hes going to sell it and if the bikes in spot on condition then he wont have any problems with doing it .
    if he is hidding something or its going to cost money he will refuse.
    allways ask for a roadworthy , and it and the repairs to bring it up to roadworthy conditions is at his cost.
  10. Great advise there.

    When I went to look for a bike for my brother I said to the guy ok I will pay that much for it if it comes with a road worthy!!

    He goes yeah sure.. it will pass 1st time.. and I go yep sure ok well that's WITH a road worthy ... he goes yep..

    Next day I get a call.. um it's gonna cost $1000 for a road worth cos it needs new stuff.. I go well thats nice.. tell me when u get the road worthy and I will pay the money... He goes no u dont understand.. u have to pay $1000 for the bike to get fixed cos Im not gonna ride it so why should I pay the money :roll: Anyway I told him to go get stuffed then he comes back with oh ok um how bout we go half so u pay $500... I say go get stuffed.. I said I would buy it with a road worthy and u agreed..

    Anyway in the end he ended up paying for it and I got my brother a bike :D

    Lisa :twisted:
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  12. what year is the build plate and how much is it. what kula and any accessories. if its been sitting for six months the tyres will be the first thing that possibly will need replacing aside from a few other minor bits. why did he let the rego run out.(a=no money for rego. b=no licence. c=no money for repairs,mech or acc damage. d= buy/sell scenario and doesn't want to register and pay stamp duty etc.).whats the reason for selling it, cbr250's r popular with every boy racer and their dog and have useually had a thrashing or a throwaway so parts arent cheap for this reason. wrecking yards r in buisness to make money and u'll find plenty of binned cbr's in most yards cause even wrecks fetch good returns.interested to hear ur answers.regards mike.
  13. Well from what l know....l think its a 93 model, its done 40000 klms, its blue and hes stated on the the thread that hes selling because he wants to upgrade to a larger bike. It says its been recently serviced and runs well.
    Its a nice looking bike, from what l can tell from the pic, but l have no idea why he let the reg run out.
    I will definately ask him to register it and get a roady for me, but going by what a few said on the site its on, he shouldnt have any problems selling it, as its such a nice looking bike.

    I will let mark check it out and see what he thinks, and what agreement we can come to if l all goes well.

  14. there's normally a reason for letting the reg run out, be VERY careful. discs will set you back $200-$250 each, tyres around $150 each, chain & sprockets $250+, a crack in a headlight wont pass, overly loud pipe, dud bearings in the wheels or headset etc.....

    if the reg ran out less than a month ago, then your set, its just a simple vehicle transfer. the reg may have run out, but its still valid. if its been out for a while, then it needs to be re-registered which means a whole lot more hassles and generally a more picky roadworthy.

    what year is it and whats the asking price? dont worry, i'm not gunna go buy it on ya :wink:

    the fact that he's let the reg run out seems a bit suss, and i highly recommend getting a roadworhy, registered bike unless you know your stuff. you really dont need all those hassles, trust me. if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. :D
  15. oops, you put the build date up :oops:

    i wouldn't pay more than $4.5k with roady and reg and everything looking good (slightly below immaculate). that should give you an idea of what you should be paying.

    good luck with it. and if that donw work out, i have a mate that will be selling his R soon for probably around the $3.5k mark. i'll let him know you're interested if you want....

  16. I hope you havent got your heart set on this one.

    Alarm bells rang when you said that it was an 11 year old bike and it only had 40,000km on it.

    Unless he was the original owner from birth to now and he hardly rides it, sure, but I suspect otherwise, ask to see all teh original paperwork. If indeed it is his original bike and he kept it in that good a condition he woudl have all the paperwork together.

    I had a CBR250RR for 2 years and put 30,000km on it, thats TWO years, at 11 years you would expect a lot more.

    I say it's been smashed nice and hard and had the instrument cluster replaced. You say it's Blue in colour, that makes it either a "Grey Import" or it was thrown down the road and resprayed.

    Just go there and be prepared to walk away, CBR250's are everywhere, dont just buy the first one that you see.

    Good luck, If only I wasnt going to Traralgon :(
  17. You don't happen to know the guys name thats selling by chance do you?
  18. Yeah the guys user name is D_K from another forum..and his name is kris.

    Aparantley it hasnt ran out of reg..its got a week left on it and he said he will get a roady done on it. He didnt seemed at all fazed about doing it, but l will go there with the intention of walking away if it isnt what l thought it would be.
    But as u can tell, lm hoping it is all good.
    And its got 43000 on the clock.
  19. Mark...you didnt leave a number for me to call you .

    Looks like lm going alone then, but if anyone would like to help out...ring me..0438843331

    Im leaving to go down there at around 1.00

  20. How did it goes Julz?