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July Photo Competion- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. geee, July already.

  2. Is there a theme this month? I was thinking maybe "night shots"?
  3. here we go, i might as well try.. pick taken with my mobile phone...

  4. Better post a sensible pic before I get myself in too much trouble!

    On the way to Queen Mary falls in the NSW/QLD Border

  5. Altough its a car, i will argue that my dads Trabant is nothing more than a 4 wheeled motorcycle. Firstly it is powered by a 595cc air cooled TWO-STROKE engine with a 25L fuel tank. Also another similarity is that the body panes are not made of metal, but rather plastic.

  6. On the way to Kinglake.

  7. buonosera signiora Caz, . . . .

    Theme this month . . . . ETHNICS :grin:

  8. What about ... sidecars?? Spotted this at TFRPS

  9. Io non "signiora" .... Io Signorina :p

  10. si ! bambino !
  11. pocket bike racing- so much fun!!
  12. Pocket bikes gets my vote! :grin:

    Love your work Mars!
    (btw check out my June entry...I think you'll like it :wink: )
  13. Without wanting to hijack this with pocket bike shots.. Gotta put in this one my 10yo at Warrnambool yesterday. He's doing about 65k's through this corner.

  14. Thats just what my 4 year old wants to do.

    Bloody fantabulous shot!
  15. That should have been the theme when I posted my Tiger's picture! *grump*
  16. My entry... Oran PArk on 12/07 :] Picture by Andy
  17. Im for the green pocket bike, never know that kid might be the next Casey Stoner, start em young. Great shot.
  18. my vote is for that kid, no doubt! :grin: excellent picture! hehehe