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July Photo Competion- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. :)

  2. after adding more bling [​IMG]
  3. While out riding today I discovered I can set a 10 second delay on my camera, and take photos of me with the bike. I call this shot 'Bike and me'; you'll note that I'm casual yet confident, displaying a natural warmth with a touch of cool...

    To think I wasted all this time taking pics of scenary and bikes!
  4. Posting this in the right month this time lol


    QR T4, Second Track day ever and sliding the SV around. Never thought it was possible off the power :oops:
  5. [​IMG]

    When the road is boring, go bush ! :shock: or sand :grin:
  6. Just a happy snappy from Friday taken on a phone.

    Anyone care to guess where it was taken?


    Edit: fixed the crappy cropping that was annoying me.
  7. Clarendon St. South Melbourne ????????
  8. Wow...so close NOT :LOL:
  9. Lil, love that shot, where was it taken?
  10. [​IMG]

    Why (among many other things) it's great to live on the South Coast of NSW :).
  11. Paul , is that shot taken at Stanwell Tops, good view from there.
  12. yep, bald hill, at the end of the national park.
  13. I may as well get in on this one... first time for everything!

  14. Really? i got "I hope my mate gets back with that petrol soon"

    Either that or "I shouldn't have waited so long for the next rest stop"