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Julian Assange

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Maybe the pollies might learn to not put on paper what they dont want made public. I kinda like what this guy is doing with wikileaks, but I think some stuff is better out of the public arena.

  2. Well he's in custody now, so let's see if they feel a need to water-board him a few times, just in case he knows dangerous stuff like parts of the bus timetable, or how to clear the browser cache.
  3. i could kinda tolerate him before the stylized makeover of highlights in the hair, rock star sunnies, and designer duds.

    now, meh...

    shoulda kept it in your pants, buddy!
  4. I believe the **** allegations aren't true, It's just an obvious "if you mess with us we'll get you" example being made by the government, they don't even care how obvious it is.
  5. Serious? Take a look (i.e research) the stuff behind the allegations. I think one hint that it comes from a place that is one of the few that gives arrest warrants for **** without any actual evidence And it's just weird, like from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38796121/ns/world_news-europe/ (not lost on me that it's msnbc) "There is no basis of the allegation" and later on when cables get released, it seemed to magically appear again?

    This seems to be making the WORLD angry, lots of 'everyday people' are trying to help the hackers 'help' julian assange (DDOS visa + mastercard for example)
  6. he had s3x though, right?

    like i said, shoulda kept it in his pants.
  7. sweden is such a ****ed up feminist fantasy land that any sex between man and woman is considered ****
  8. Thats true but I think sexual impropriety is a pretty standard charge against political undesirables in any country. Im just surprised they didnt go with kiddie p0rn since thats easier to manufacture evidence for.
  9. However Sweden has some of the best whistle blower protection laws in the world
  10. Any comments made in this thread will go on your permanent record.

  11. I for one welcome our google and facebook overlords
  12. He's a brave man standing up to be the face of the organization, he really is martyring himself for some sort of greater good.

    The very least this fiasco has accomplished is exposing the lengths the US will go to censor the media. Really makes this western dreamland seam a bit fake
  13. I can't take any government with a king or queen seriously, even if they get some things right.
  14. If this doesn't make you laugh 'til you puke (or just puke), nothing will.

    Credibility just doesn't get any lower.
  15. well spotted
  16. Well don't then "Constitutional Monarchy" has worked pretty well for many countries for many years, and in general the alternative provide absolutely no advantage and quite a few disadvantages...
  17. Regardless of whether they're true or not, and they are yet to be tested in court so I'm not going to comment on that, I bet no-one else has ever had an Interplod Red Notice issued for similar allegations.

    BTW, I understand that the allegations are not of r*** pe se but are of a somewhat lower order. Which makes the Red Notice even more surprising/blatantly political.

    Oddly enough, the whole legal thing only really blew up after Assange revealed Wikileaks' next coup will be information on Bank of America. Maybe the banks are a more dangerous enemy than governments.
  18. Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws.
    Mayer Amschel Rothschild
  19. I thought that too, but some quick research (as in a quick google search) revealed Interpol does issue Red Notices for sex offences.
  20. I like our PM's approach..he's broken the law...nah Julia,he's doing what every journo does..gets info and puts it out there for the public consumption. ..how the information got to be released for consumption is another matter.Would we have sent our sons and daughters of on a hunt for non existant WMD's if we had access to this sort of info at the time.