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[Jul 6, 2013] Icicle Ride 2013 (Officer)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Heli, Apr 3, 2013.

Icicle Ride 2013
Start Date: Jul 6, 2013 18:00
End Date: Jul 7, 2013 00:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

BP Service Station
M1 outbound (65 Princes Freeway)
Officer, Victoria 3809

Posted By: Heli

Confirmed Attendees: 8
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  1. #1 Heli, Apr 3, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2013
    As you may be aware the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria runs an annual mid winter night ride called the Icicle Ride.

    Well its on again! This year it runs from 6pm Saturday 6th July to midnight.

    It starts from the BP Service Centre on the Princes Freeway, Officer. Melway 214 C6, it's the outbound servo on the M1. (NOT the Princes Highway through Officer/Packenham, it's the Packenham Bypass. Don't go to the wrong one!)

    Registration starts at 4pm, with a ride briefing at 17:50 for a start at 6pm.

    Route instructions for the first leg, which finishes at a soup stop, will be handed out at the start. Routes for subsequent legs are available from the stops, and the ride culminates in a cooked meal, all in the registration cost..

    You can ride the route yourself, or follow in an organised group. It doesn't matter which, just be there!

    This year we are changing the time to finish about midnight rather than start at midnight, to make it a more attractive ride for those who prefer the challenge of a mid-winter night ride without the physical and mental strain of staying awake all night. We hope that the ride remains the same challenge as previous years and I will have to be very impartial when making the end of ride awards (but I do like a single malt :sneaky: ).

    If Netriders want to enter again, maybe one of the regulars can come on here and take on the coordination of NR attendees?

    [​IMG] click for the event application form

    We also have an online registration available here which will give a number of registration options, including a discount for paying early :D

  2. #3 MV, Apr 4, 2013
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    Definitely in. Just thinking about this the other day, good timing!

    I'd better HTFU quickly.
  3. Starting at 6pm? What happened to the midnight start?
  4. How many riders are expected?
  5. Is Angie going
  6. Obviously the BMWMCCVIC members must be getting older...
  7. um noo
  8. Its going to be cold, you'll have to give extra hugs
  9. OH&S :eek:

  10. Too early to confirm Heli (mid June's roster will tell the tale)...
    Always wanted to participate in one of these. With heated handgrips, I see little to no excuses for not being there...
    Unless, of course, work get in the way of my social life yet again ;)
  11. Think you'll need a bit more than heated handgrips.....
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  12. I am keen to give this a go this year
  13. Bought a box of chemical hand warmers, good to go!

    Just need some underwear with a pouch at the front now...
  14. We now have an online registration and Early Bird payment through Eventbrite, much the same as for the Black Dog Ride. I'll post a link and update the calendar when our revised flyer is finalised (y)
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  15. Online registration link to Eventbrite Icicle Ride 2013 is now in the opening post. This includes an optional donation link to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, our recipient charity for this year's ride :D
  16. In for this, but what's with the change of times? Take it there's no breakfast at the end of the ride? Been on the last two rides and they're certainly memorable. Looking forward for this one.
  18. Nickers, given that a lot of heat is lost through the head... Advanced hair, yeah, yeah.
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