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[Jul 26, 2015] Grey Gum Cafe Ride (NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Senator17, Jul 21, 2015.

Grey Gum Cafe Ride
Start Date: Jul 26, 2015 09:00
End Date: Jul 26, 2015 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Grey Gum Cafe
8679 Putty Rd, Putty
NSW 2330

Posted By: Senator17

Confirmed Attendees: 6
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  1. I'm going up to the Grey Gum Café on Sunday 26th July, anyone want to join me? Meet me at McDonalds McGraths Hill at 9:00 am for 9:30 departure.

  2. Ooooh. Not 100% sure of my plans yet as I usually do the Putty top to bottom. Meet you there if I get up early enough, or join you for lunch if I don't? ;)
  3. If the weather is , as predicted, similar to current it will be a most splendid ride indeed old chap.
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  4. Damn U GeorgeO... I have a Family B'day to goto !
  5. Expecting to be there at the start -- will post a message here if that starts looking unlikely.
  6. Thanks to Bill for organising. Nice ride and it would have been real awesome weather but for Mr Wind that made his appearance.


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  7. Thanks Senator17Senator17 for organising and leading the ride it was a awesome morning and the roads were great, hope to join another one soon.
    Great to meet some old and new members.
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  8. Cheers Senator17Senator17
    Good weather + good people + good pace = a great day out!!
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  9. Hey GeorgeOGeorgeO , you timed that photo just right, with the Netrider flag at full loft!!
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  10. Hey GeorgeOGeorgeO third photo, looks like that dude is checking out your bike....:) as I always say in group photos...where's my bike lol!!!!
  11. caz64caz64 - that's DrSleepyDrSleepy. I believe he was taking a few pictures of all the bikes in a row.

    I can fully understand KTM envy. It's like 'an orange mist' that descends on you they say.
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  12. Big thanks to Senator17Senator17 for organising & leading a great ride -- only marred by having to spend 20 minutes searching for the key to my bike after dropping it at Grey Gums... Although the catching-up was fun. :sneaky: Well done OldmaidOldmaid for resisting my attempts to twist her arm into a session on the Old Road too. ;)

    Definitely a busy day -- don't think I've seen that many bikes at Grey Gums... ever!

    20150726 - Netrider Ride July 26 - 003.JPG 20150726 - Netrider Ride July 26 - 007.JPG 20150726 - Netrider Ride July 26 - 008.JPG 20150726 - Netrider Ride July 26 - 011.JPG
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  13. OMG ! sorry DrSleepyDrSleepy didn't realize your key situation, glad you got it sorted.
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  14. Neither did I until I had geared up and went to put it in the bike.... eventually found it in the dust, having been run over by an above-average sized cruiser.
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  15. Thanks everyone for a somewhat sad, likely to be my last ride in this area for a while.
    How friggen fantastic was it?
    perfect weather, perfect company, perfect speeds,nice pie and coffee and oh what a feeling of looking around at all those bikes at Grey Gums and realising, holy shit, I am a part of all this! :D
    Big thanks to the lovely Bill for squiring and organising...nice meeting old faces and new!
    Fan bloody tastic!
    Great day to be drawing oxygen.
    The wind on the way back was interesting through a couple of corners but I don't think I braked for one corner from Grey Gums back to Baulko. My riding, after one year since chucking a leg over for the learners, has improved a bit and I just can't get enough :p
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  16. One year OldmaidOldmaid -- sounds like you're about ready to tackle the Oxley. More than a little jealous. ;)
  17. Yes indeedy! :)
    One year with whinja on the 5/8...Oxley bring it on ;)
    Looking to grab a DT yammie to go do a bit of dirt bashing as well whilst up that way as well...
    Happy 'gassin' Dr Sleepy...
    Don't forget the offer stands!
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  18. Certainly gassed it today! :sneaky: I'll definitely be up that way in the next few months for a bit of pre-exam stress relief, so expect a PM. ;)
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