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Jul 2016 Competition, $50 prize winner - Bitsar

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Justus, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. As chosen by July 2016 competition winner NosohNosoh

    Theme - Your Bike and Water

    Photo: JabbaJabba

    $50 will be deposited into the winners bank account.

    Competition rules:
    1 photo per person and has to be THEME RELATED.
    * Photo must be taken by you. You may add a comment explaining the photo, location etc.
    * No other posts or comment aside from your entry please. This is to keep to photos in a row down the page so we don't have to scroll through pages looking for photos

    * Competition entries close 6pm Sunday 17 July 2016.

    win. * Preferably win. after 6pm Sunday 17 July 2016 when entries are finalised, you can decide your favorite photo by by clicking on the "Winner" rating, and for your second favorite photo, click on the "Like" rating.

    Your first choice: "WINNER" rating win. = 2 votes

    Your second choice: "LIKE" rating = 1 vote

    * Votes will be counted 6pm Sunday 24 July 2016.

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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Rhonda the Honda, in our very first hour together :)

    Rhonda the Honda (5).
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  4. Delegate River, wishing I'd packed my telescopic fishing rod.

  5. Lakes Entrance Vic

  6. 20160221_132003.
    Bay of Islands
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  7. Winters afternoon in Flinders at Mushroom Reef Blue Moon Ride-4.
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  8. Murray Bridge S.A.

  9. Darwin Waterfront this morning.
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  10. taken in my garage
    ape and water.JPG
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  11. Thanks folks.
  12. Licola :woot:
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  13. Spirit of motorcycling - ride anytime, anywhere (even if the bike can barely get up the hill). From top of hill overlooking Laem Yai on Koh Samui.
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  14. IMG_0881.JPG
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  15. His and Hers at Lake Eppalock :)

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  16. #18 Valvoline, Jul 12, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2016
    IMG_7542.JPG On a niiiiiceeee, waaaarm, un-rainy and pleasant day.... we did not have. Instead we had water under us on a bridge, water on the road, water in the misty fog, water raining down and water down our riding gear. But we had a ball! icemakericemaker will have to give the location to this place since I have no recollection of the place name ! Lol :D
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  17. Taken on the edge of the Lac du Pareloup, Aveyron, France in 2011 with the bike in full touring mode.

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  18. WP_20150121_003.
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