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[Jul 20, 2013] Hawkesbury ride (Sydney NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Snapey, Jul 18, 2013.

Hawkesbury ride
Start Date: Jul 20, 2013 09:00
End Date: Jul 20, 2013 13:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Wilberforce Shell
535 Wilberforce Rd Wilberforce
Sydney NSW 2756

Posted By: Snapey

Confirmed Attendees: 3
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  1. Another short notice ride this Saturday 20th July that should suit reasonably experienced L's & P's. I'd like to leave the Wilberforce Shell at 9.30am for a couple of ferry rides, up & down the 2nd best bit of the Putty for coffee at Colo Hts, a ride through the Richmond lowlands & lunch at McGraths Hill Maccas where the ride will terminate.


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  2. Would love to come Unfortunately I have work, if you do this route another time on a sunday or week day I'll be there with bells on!
  3. Have a ride already going on.. would love to do this run another weekend tho :) (just not the 27th)
  4. I'm in...see you guys tomorrow.
  5. See ya there !
  6. Love to go but I live in Orange (over the mountains) and snow has been predicted. Looks like Suzi V (suzuki v strom) will have to stay in the garbage.
  7. haha get fcuked whens the snow predicted i'm meant to be riding out that way to get more quotes on the new house in next few days

    also.....Lee O0O0O0O look at me ...miss fancy pants too busy with other rides to join in on the ride !! :p now the zxr is back in town might annoy you for a quick catch up blat locally mate...

    i'm kind of keen on the idea of a ride tomorrow but need to sus out if i'm still meant to be going to canberra or not first so dont hold your breathe but i might turn up
  8. If I can get out of bed and see through the fog
    I shall be there
    Alan B
  9. A few photo's from todays ride. Next time i'll give more notice so hopefully we'll get a few more starters. Thanks to Pullman, Stroker, Tony749 & AlanB for making it an enjoyable day.

    ALAN B
  11. ^^excited
  12. I would have come along had I seen this :( looks like you had pretty good weather.

    I just went for a rider through RNP and came home, the weather started turning nasty.
  13. Awesome mate.. glade you all had a great time :) I'll try and catch the next one (y)
  14. Thanks Peter, Alan, Tony & Demir.

    Sorry I had to cut the ride short ( only had a half-day leave pass ). My reward was having to ride through the heaviest, coldest cloudburst at Windsor. Should've gone the textile instead of the leather.
  15. I did think of you Guy when I saw the rain looking down from Blaxlands Ridge. We were lucky only getting a few drops.