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QLD [Jul 17, 2016] Laverda Concours 2016 Bike Show. (Cleveland)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Valvoline, Jul 8, 2016.

Laverda Concours 2016 Bike Show.
Start Date: Jul 17, 2016 08:00
End Date: Jul 17, 2016 14:00
Time Zone: Asia/Vladivostok +10:00 VLAT

CLeveland ShowGrounds
Long Street
Cleveland 4163

Posted By: Valvoline

Confirmed Attendees: 0
You can not RSVP for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
  1. The yearly Laverda Bike Club - Concours 2016 event is on again. http://clublaverdaqld.com.au/concours-2016/

    Where? Cleveland Show Grounds, Long Street, Cleveland
    $10 entry with free bike parking

    Seeing expression of interest from any Gold Coast NRs who would like to go to this event.

    The route to the show will be: https://www.google.com.au/maps/dir/85+Spencer+Rd,+Carrara+QLD+4211/Tamborine/Beenleigh/Carbrook/Cleveland+Showgrounds,+Cleveland+QLD+4163/@-27.777734,152.9472175,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m32!4m31!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b911baaae6d2653:0x816644aa2b9f6fb!2m2!1d153.3440235!2d-28.0077405!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b913d7c092e03eb:0x502a35af3ded7e0!2m2!1d153.13!2d-27.8816!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b916aba06fb404b:0x502a35af3de7fd0!2m2!1d153.201944!2d-27.716111!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b916978257e7c67:0x502a35af3de8360!2m2!1d153.276025!2d-27.687086!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b9166e80312a551:0xc501f61f5e957670!2m2!1d153.2609134!2d-27.5341182!3e0

    Meet & coffee at Zaraffas Nerang at 8am: 85 Spencer Rd, Carrara QLD 4211

    Once at the shop, people can then go home which ever route they'd like / stay for as long as they would like.

    Of course all weather permitting!
    Any Questions - PM me! :)
  2. I'll likely see you there as its just up the road from me!
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  3. I didnt see a date, its still on the 17th July I expect. One day I will make it up for this.There a fun loving bunch that run it. They event makes a great deal of money for The Make wish Foundation that does great work.
  4. yes, 17th - Sunday
  5. ZimZim as CM said it is in the 17th. Not sure why the date doesn't come up - but I suspect it's my phone that does weird things!

    It is a lovely day and with some great displays, food stalls etc. it's worth the $10 entry.

    I get as much joy from walking around the bike parking area checking out bikes as I do the actual displays lol
  6. I would love to go,just not happening this year from Sydney, as a long time Laverda owner and Sydney Club member I know a lot of the Queensland bunch, did I just admit that in public. There will be a massive Laverda presence next year at The Barry Sheene, Piero Laverda is bringing the V6 out and there will be lots of owners from all over coming.Even some from up north.
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  7. Good grief is it that time of year again ... time flies when ya having fun.
    If I can drag my sorry arse out of bed that early I'll tag along.
  8. I am confused by all those numbers, I pasted it all in and can see the route but I don't know which end is the start. I assume that Carrara is the start and Cleveland is the destination, just want to clarify. I can make it weather permitting.
  9. Yeah sorry about that KLR650_ToyKLR650_Toy , yes the start is at Nerang/Carrara. Damn phone playing up!
  10. Well I've been told that I have to stay off the bike for about 4 weeks min due to snapped hand tendons :cry: (n)

    So I wont be able to ride - so I'll be attending in a cage.... however still happy to meet anyone for breakky/coffee and or take anyone that wants to go in the comfort of the car. Just give me a hoy.
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  11. I'm at the Cooyar pub tonight for their Pig/Venison on a Spit night. Can you pick me up from here? :)
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  12. Sounds like a nice night out 16S1000R16S1000R... I would say yes, but it's about 3hrs one way in a cage in the opposite direction... :rolleyes: I'll say maybe next time ;)
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  13. I was delayed by a battery problem and got there just after nine AM and there were no bikes. The weather was crap so I headed back home via an MC accessories shop and bought a new battery and I will get around to installing it after I fill and charge it. I got the cheapie (if you call $85 cheap) rather than the $130 one with nano-gell technology, what ever that is. It looked like a sealed lead-acid battery but I was in a rush and will check it out on-line later on.

    If the ride was on, I hope it went well.
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  14. The Concours didn't officially start until 10am. Was pretty packed when I went down about half 10 and weather while cloudy was warm. Plenty of nice bikes - shall post a few pics on the pic page when they finish uploading to comp.
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  15. The pics would be great, keen to see what got best bike this year.
  16. BAAAD bummer re the tendons. Are your fingers in splints? I had "Hammer Finger" in which 1 tendon was stretched to almost breaking point and had to wear splints on that finger for 12-14 weeks. The first splint was an arm/wrist/hand/finger brace and had to wear that for 8-9 weeks and then a short bit of metal finger brace for the rest. Since it was my index finger on my right hand, writing was difficult as well as operating a computer mouse. Get better soon .
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  17. Huh, I got there too early, usually, I am late. Bummer. Hurry up and load the pics :).
  18. loaded onto photos from ride page
  19. KLR650_ToyKLR650_Toy
    Heya, yeah I went to the meeting place from 8 and left just before you arrived then! Doh! :facepalm:

    Well for the time being they're just treating the sheer amount of scar tissue built up on the knuckles with compression. They reckon it may just be that which is restricting movement... I see the specialist in early August. The occp therapist is hoping it can show rapid improvement with what they've told me to do re exercises, that it means I won't need surgery. Here's hoping !!!

    I certainly don't want to be off the bike for friggin 3 months!!! :nailbiting::cry::sick::banghead:

    CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster pics or it didn't happen! Lol

    And yes, even tho I'll be outta action for a bit I still wanna organize some GC meet ups for NRs. Looks like we're a v quiet mob... May just be that we're too busy riding ;)

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  20. Oh god you poor sod!!
    My nose-picker is fine and I'm ambidextrous so I'm lucky I suppose... But bummer I can't get out of work duties!! Lol