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[Jul 13, 2014] A Sunday RIde (Kulnara, Wollombi, Broke)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Senator17, Jul 9, 2014.

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A Sunday RIde
Kulnara, Wollombi, Broke
Confirmed Attendees: 1
Posted By: Senetor17
Start Date: Jul 13, 2014 08:00
End Date: Jul 13, 2014 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST
The following users have RSVP'd "Yes": 1
  1. I'm getting together with a couple of mates on Sunday 13th july for a ride up the Old Pacific Highway to Kulnara, then across to Wollombi for lunch, then to Broke and back via the Putty Road. Would anyone like to join us?, everyone welcome.

  2. Map and meet-up point? ;)
  3. Ever heard of google?
  4. 1st meet up point is McDonalds Bonnyrig corner Elizabeth drive and Smithfield Road at 8:30 AM. I'm still waiting a couple of more replies so there may be another meeting spot before the freeway.
  5. I'm keen for that
  6. I googled up "meet-up point". Not much luck.
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  7. Thanks for a great ride!
  8. The question was raised due to lack of details of a meet-up point and start time at the time of posting. In any case, you seem to have found everything on Google as Tony mentioned LOL :)

    Look forward to the trip report and pics Bill and sorry that I couldn't make this one. I woke-up at 11:30am and still recovering from last night ;)
  9. You didn't ask for a start time and meet up point, you asked for a map and meet up point. If you are incapable of finding broke, wollombi and kulnura on a map you should probably give up riding a motorbike.
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  10. "I'm getting together with a couple of mates on Sunday 13th july for a ride up the Old Pacific Highway to Kulnara, then across to Wollombi for lunch, then to Broke and back via the Putty Road. Would anyone like to join us?, everyone welcome."

    If you don't think that's a little short on detail you're a bloody genius. Then again, you probably already know that.

    Tootle pip.
  11. I did put up another reply in the thread. We were meeting up at 8:30 am Sunday at McDonalds on the corner of Elizabeth Drive and Smithfield Rd, Bonnyrig.

    Since there were no other takers, we didn't work out any other meeting points along the way.
  12. Short on detail? I know where those places are. I know I can find them on a map if I didn't know where they were. I know how long the ride will roughly take, so I can work out a rough starting time. I know from the detail given that berowra is an easy meeting point. Ialso know that if I was interested, I could have said so and then suggested a place to meet and ask what time they want me there by.

    Try engaging brain next time.
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  13. #13 Pterodactyl, Jul 14, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2014
    "Engaging brain"?. "Ever heard of google?".

    And you are a Moderator? No, all I see is a cheap-shot artist who only opens its mouth to change feet.

    Once again mate, tootle pip.
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  14. I didn't think posting up an invite to go for a ride would raise such controversy. Some of my friends that I ride with aren't on Netrider or any other riding web site. So I usually text them. As for the friends I have made on the net going for rides, I usually post a ride idea of where I'm planning to ride and leave the details open to fine tuning as the ride gets closer. Things like where we'll meet & what time are worked out once riders get back to me that they want to join in.

    I don't give out my mobile number on the main thread, but will PM to anyone that is coming along for the ride (and requests it) so that we can contact each other in case it's necessary. Likewise I don't expect anyone to post thier mobile number in the threads.

    That way start time and meeting places can be added to suit the riders that want to come along. I don't see the point of setting a firm start time and meeting place, as it may not suit some people, who might then head off on the same ride +/- an hour or so. It's sometimes more fun to ride in a group.
  15. There was nothing wrong with your OP mate, can't be helped that idiots abound.
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  16. Mmmmmmm. Interesting.
  17. If it makes you feel better dearie.
  18. It does.

    Tootle pip.
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  19. Maybe this is why there is not much activity here.Do I duck for cover now.
  20. Well you guys and gals missed out on a great ride on Sunday. Steve & I met up with a new guy, Reidy at Maccas at Bonnyrig at 8:30. A cool crisp and clear morning. With good riding gear we didn't feel cold and it wasn't a cold start. Since no one else responded to my invite we quickly decided that Gerry's at Kulunara via the old road was the first stop. The roads and traffic were very kind to us, it was one of the best runs I've ever had through Pennant Hills & Thornliegh. Then up the freeway to Berowra. The morning was fresh and crisp but very nice riding weather, and no wind to speak of. We had a great run up the Old Pacific Highway, although there were a lot of Mamils about (Middle Aged Men In Lycra for those that don't know that is Cyclists). We only saw two police cars during the whole trip. The first on the M7 shortly after leaving Bonnyrig. The only other police car we saw was having a hot coffee at Gerry's. There were lots of bikes out all day. Some groups catching up with us at our stops, and lots heading in the opposite direction. From Gerry's it was a brisk and quick run to Wollombi where we stopped for lunch. I think I now know why the burgers there are so popular. Their steaks are huge but a bit bland. So IMHO if you like good value for quantity, go the steak, but if you like really good steak, you're better off with a burger. The guys refuelled at Gerry's so they must have been going pretty hard, I was good till Broke then refuelled there for the run home. Again there was little traffic to speak of on the run from Wollombi to Broke where we all refuelled, the guys again. I'm not sure how hard they were going but I didn't try to keep up, I was enjoying the ride at my own pace. I wasn't holding back either as there were no groups that caught up to me to pass me. But when we stopped there were other groups doing the same loop. And I did catch and pass a few bikes on the run across from Wollombi to Broke. After refuelling at Broke we decided to break the trip home and stop at Grey Gum café. Always a good spot for a coffee and a bite. Then we headed to Wilberforce where Reidy needed fuel. All day the sun was shining, the clouds mostly stayed away and the air was crisp and clear. Very little traffic and plenty of corners to keep us busy and entertained. Just a word of warning, there are patches of Moss on the Putty road in some areas where the road doesn't get any winter sun. Looked like someone slid on the butt across one of the patches as there were strange marks through one patch and some debris on the side of the road.
    The weather was kind with not a drop of rain all day and we all arrived home safely with another great ride under our belts. Here are a few snaps from the day:
    P1010923b. P1010924b. P1010922b. P1010921b. P1010926b. P1010923b. P1010924b. P1010922b. P1010921b. P1010926b.
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