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Juice Extractors

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Flibble, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Any juicer aficionados here?

    I'm currently using an old Kambrook centrifugal juicer. Surprised at how well it works to be honest... But it's not going to last forever and I'm thinking about what to replace it with.

    Is there really that much a difference in the quality of juice from the single auger 'cold press' Vs the centrifugal types? I know there is less aeration which improves the longevity, but all this talk of centrifugal juicers heating the juice and killing the enzymes - sounds like a bit of a wank to me.

    If the juice actually _tastes_ better, I might be prepared to spend the extra on a single auger machine. Seems like they are easier to clean too, and more versatile. How do they go on tomatos?
  2. I'm interested in what you find out.

    I've heard that the $80 juicers from esold will kill the enzymes... but is this really a bad thing?
  3. Rob,

    As you are no doubt aware, there is a Hellava lot of bullshit on th 'net on the subject of nutrition and health.

    I dunno whether a centrifugal juicer 'kills' (are they alive?) enzymes or not, and what this means if it does. (Maybe it affects the longevity? - buggered if I know)

    Interesting article here: http://drdicqie.com/cancer-myth-2-enzymes-in-vegetables

    My potential interest in a single auger type of machine is because they are supposed to be a lot more effectice with leafy greens, and the juice from other veges is supposed to actually taste richer/better. And less aeration will probably lessen the 'pond scum' effect :)
  4. Tried this the other day. Fucking amazing!

  5. I just bought a juicer book from the cheap discount book shop. Haven't looked in it yet. It's thick so must be chock full of healthy suggestions.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  6. OK, I bit the bullet and coughed up the readies for a Hurom cold press or 'slow' juicer. All I can say is wow. Chalk and cheese. The juice is visually better, it is that obvious. No separation, no air bubbles, minimum froth. The pulp is as dry as. Juice is a bit lumpy though, might need to strain it.

    Cleaning is a LOT easier than the centrifugal juicer I had too.

    Just a heads up if you are considering buying one off a Korean seller off ebay - the Korean mains is 220v 60Hz, Oz is 230v 50Hz. There have been reports of the motor burning out (it will run slower and draw more current). I spent the extra and got the Aussie rated model.
  7. Who'd ya get the aussie model from?
  8. We use an Oscar VitalMax cold juicer. It makes unbelievably good juice, the pulp is extremely dry (so you know the juicer is extracting every bit of goodness possible), and it is extremely easy to clean (rinse out and put in dishwasher).

    I don't know whether the claims about hot vs. cold pressing are true but I do know that a cold pressing juicer simply makes nicer looking juice.
  9. Tempting. My 20 buck Kmart centrifugal juicer makes a mess and gets bugger all juice, therefore I quickly became discouraged in its use.
  10. Is it like this one?

  11. Thought this thread was about performance exhausts on bikes?
  12. You're not Sicilian by any chance?
  13. No. Why would you think that? :confused:
  14. Because its something my tightarse wog of a father would say.
  15. Sounds like a smart man. :p
  16. Only because he had me as a son :)
  17. I'm not sure yet that I am ready to spend a few hundred on a cold press juicer... but if I get to the point of the wog fathers (and I have one) that would rather spend a couple of hours squeezing fruit pieces in a bench vice into a bucket, I'm buying one right away.
  18. can u get a 400 dollar one for$50