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JP - Now armed with P plates :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JP, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. It's been almost 5 months and 7,000km's since I got my L's and today was the day where it all payed off. The road ride was fun, and I passed the actual test without incurring a single point :woot:

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, I've learned invaluable lessons here and on the road with you guys and girls.

    So now countdown begins. Yes, I'm already looking at what I'd like to upgrade to, but it changes almost daily. Today I feel like a Z750, tomorrow perhaps a Street Triple, and of course my perrenial favorite, the CBR600RR. That's not to say I'm bored with my VTR250 (which I've named Trudy :)) It's given me countless hours of fun and smiles, and I'm sure the next year will hold more of the same.

    Riding motorbikes has become such a prominent part of my life and I couldn't imagine it without one.
  2. Congrats, young man, I look forward to many more spirited rides with you :).
  3. Woot woot! :)

    Congrats... And now you can sit back and relax (and go 10kph faster on the freeway) while the clock ticks down to Unrestricted Day!
  4. Yeah luckily those "L" & "P" Plates connect to a speed limiter :p

    Congrats JP, well done mate.
  5. Congrats, good to see someone putting a few k's under their belt instead of just marking time whilst on L's. Now for the countdown!
  6. Congrats JP - Well Done!
  7. Congrats JP! Well done, mate :D

    Are you coming on my Putty run this Sat to celebrate? :p
  8. Isn't that November 15? Or wasn't that October 26?

    ... or am I confused? o.o
  9. Ello Mr Spots.

    Nup, this Sat. Rooz’s Putty run on the 15th is separate to the little one I’m doing tomorrow with a few other P platers. More than welcome if you wanted to come, though. Just be aware that the speeds in the straights will not exceed the posted speed limit, so no 180 km/h clicks ………………….. not that anyone would break the law like that of course lol.
  10. Yeah, I'd like to come. :) Can TEC or cornermark if need be.

    I don't think my Tiger even goes that fast!
  11. LOl thanks Dude. Will send a PM
  12. Congrats JP.

    Don't get a CBR600R is will just slow you down :roll: ,get the 1000 ,you can handle it . :cool:
  13. You sir, are a bad influence! :LOL:
  14. Congratulations JP, You're a braver man than me - going on the 4 musketeers run on your L's.

    I'm the same. It is addictive. I wish I'd taken it up years ago...

  15. No problems! Anytime! If ever you wish to keep smashing me through the nasho, give me a call! I saw Kha at glassy! Im wasted. Goodnight sir.
  16. JP acquitted himself magnificently last weekend. I should also add that he was a participant in the infamous "Peaches" ride to Wollombi a few months back and rode very competently there too.....

    I'm sure he won't mind me mentioning, but the "L"-Plater of the decade rider for me was N1GHT-R1D3R, also from Wollongong, who, without ever having ridden his bike even to Sydney, rode with me to Melbourne in one day for the Netrider BBQ. THAT was a sterling ride, let me tell you, on a ZZR-250.
  17. I challenge N1GH-R1D3R to a duel! However he's probably upgraded since in which case it will be decided with a game of paper scissors rock, best 2 out of 3 :LOL: