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JP 50 Monza engine type??

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Dakko, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. :?: Hey all, quick question?

    Does anyone know what engine (model no. or manufacturer)
    is used in the Vmoto Monza JP50??



  2. Dakko, just talked to Richard at GC bikes in Adelaide, he says Vmoto models have chinese motors. My 125 Monaco is excellent for reliability, speed in the Adelaide hills & just plain damn good fun.
  3. hmm would be good to know more about them.. then i coudl set out to do somthing to mine ;)
  4. Have had zero hassles with the Monaco with the exception of a cracked airbox mount, replaced free at the 1000km service. My Monaco easily keeps up with the traffic in Adelaide (ie, over 65+kph) & flies up the Main Road into the Adelaide hills at 70+. I've had it up to 95kph comfortably on a Southern Suburbs arterial road (speed limit 80) but haven't tried anything faster...yet.
    It has reasonable pickup from 0 to 50kph (the lead-foot cars leave you behind), better acceleration from 50-70kph (you leave the lead-foots behind), & seems to come onto the power band at 70 when it leap to 85+....from there I back off due to not enough over-60 speed zones in the local area.
    I plan on a longer (out-of-town country) trip so should be able to post more info then.
  5. alchemist881

    Thanks for your help.

    I'll see what I can dig up on that!
  6. V moto dealers are big on telling customers that they use a Yamaha motor, so try that laed. How old a Yamaha motor, I dont know. A work mate sells "lon cin" motor bikes and they use a "Yamaha" motor, hes not sure how old the design is either.

    Try looking for the bike on www.made-in-china.com lists all the scootermanufactuers in there and you can see their products. May take some time though!! There is plenty in there. And I dont know if it will be any help.

    Good luck.
  7. I've heard a Vmoto dealer claim that the 50cc Vmotos are based on a Yamaha Jog engine.

    The same dealer also claimed that when Vmoto parts are unavailable, Yamaha Jog ones will slot right in :!:

    Funny part is, I almost bought a Vmoto Monaco from Richard at GC Motorcycles - at least he didn't try to bullshit me with the whole 'Vmoto = Yamaha' line like the other big Adelaide Vmoto dealer did. After reading the Vmoto Horror Story thread on here, I decided to buy an elderly Honda instead - but I'm still planning on going back to GC when I need tyres. :D
  8. what vmoto dealers mean by it's a yamaha engine, they mean it's a perfect dimension for dimension copy of the yamaha minarelli engine as used in the yamaha vino scooter of a few years ago. (yamaha have gone to a 4-stroke 50cc now... to meet emmission laws is guess)

    i'm pretty sure the monza and milan use the same engine.

    they might be made by qian jiang group;

    milan - http://www.qjiang.com.cn/search.asp?kind1=motorcycle&kind2=QJ50QT-5

    monza - http://www.qjiang.com.cn/search.asp?kind1=motorcycle&kind2=B05

    i wouldn't worry too much about things like the 'vmoto horror story' it's more the dealer at fault than the manufacturer/importer.

    my housemate has a monza and he's done nearly 20,000km in the two-something years he's had it. we live 5km up the road from the vmoto main office and workshop in perth and he says they're always helpful, quick with parts and nothing has broken, they even replaced his rear brakes pads under warranty because they were squeeling...too hard a compound.

    maybe support interstate is not up to the same standard...which inevitabley does reflect back on the brand.
  9. Thanks Alice!!

    That is a great help!!

    I agree don't take too much notice of the vmoto horror story thread, I don't have a very good dealer up here. I had to retune the motor after they serviced it as it keep dieing when ever the throttle was released.

    Turns out they wound in the idle screw too far in, but before the service there was no dramas with the idle.

    The Monza scooter itself is very good, sits nicely on 65km/h on flat and slightly inclined roads and will easly go above 70km/h down a small hill.

    I done just over 1000kms on mine in less than a month and it hasn't let me down yet!!!