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Joyride Short film.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Kermie, Feb 9, 2012.

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  2. Pretty awesome. :)

    But there is a story behind it. IMO: A gynecologist (?) gets his pager messaged when he is on call & on his way to the hospital he takes a detour to keep looking for his missing daughter. A route he has taken before as well as all the people seem to know him.

    And he is one awesome rider.
  3. Apart from being a very nicely shot film I like how they made the rider a doctor. It's good having videos out there saying that riders are not only criminals but we are also respected people from the community.
  4. very well put together, and some brilliant camera work
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  6. just saw the clip.

    excellent photography and +1 to the rider being a doctor :)
  7. Excellent story, very heart warming with that daughter thing.
  8. great vid, what seems to be a 'rebel' initially is a community conscious human being. and yes the 'search' part, very touching indeed
  9. Loved the footage!

    On a side note on how well received it was on NetRider about how the rider was a doctor (ie: good guy) - surely someone on these forums possesses the talent to produce something similar, specifically for Australian media? That'd be cool :)
  10. I love Vimeo,

    great vid. thanks!
  11. Shot with the new Nikon D800, the HD video on the new DSLR's has really opened up film making, especially night footage.
  12. Awesome Video.

    Though I like how "this film was shot entirely with the Nikon D800 using Nikkor lenses"........ (and an entire production crew to match)