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Journeys into Light: My solo photo exhibition on my travels in 5 countries on motorcycles

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by motoGrapher, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. hey to my riding and photographer mates!

    I am having my first solo exhibition in Australia starting today at Michaels Gallery in Melbourne (Corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth Streets).

    This is a collection of photos chosen from travels on motorcycles around 5 countries (if you count India two times, once on a Fireblade second time on a R1), Australia, New Zealand (actually did NZ second time this month), and Ireland, totalling 60,000+ kms.

    Around 65 photos are on display, ranging from motorcycles to landscapes, experimental to people.

    The exhibition will be on till 28th Feb 2010. See the info leaf below for timings.

    Would be great to see motorcyclists walk in with their helmets into the gallery to see my show! :D

    P.S: I am currently looking for a job as a photographer / graphic designer (just in case someone reading this has an opportunity!).


    A few of the photos on display:






    Me getting the exhibition up today:

  2. awesome shots :)
    definately wasted on that Melbourne mob!
  3. Thanks for posting! Will go have a look.
  4. Hey mate, been keeping up with your NZ journey. absolutely love it.
  5. That silhouette chick is hot.
  6. So thats why licence plate holders are soo long...
  7. Will check it out for sure.
  8. Thanks everyone.
    @lilley: thanks mate!
  9. nice shots, whats your preferred camera?
  10. I use Canons (500D and 450D). No bias. I just have had Canon lenses from the beginning.
  11. nice, im a olympus man but now leaning towards nikon