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Journey from cars to bikes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MisterX, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Hi all just thought I'd introduce myself as i've been floating around the forum for a couple of weeks now. Sold my cars and now onto motorbikes :)

    Never ridden a motorbike before until about 3 weeks ago i finally went for my learner's test and qride in the same week and got my bike the week after lol.

    It's a Honda cbr250rr, the one on my profile picture. It's old and racer boy image i know but they've always caught my attention before i had any interest in bikes. Super fun bike and have been very cautious.

    The bike community is so much more friendlier than the car community. On my first ride when i got my bike I got the nod from another bike coming from the opposite direction. When I still had my car, other drivers give you the death stare and just wants to race.

    Keen to learn more and ride with some people on here.
  2. welcome mate.

    enjoy the community feel, of the forum and motorcycling in general. :)

    ...but the nod doesnt mean we DONT want to race too. :p
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  3. Enjoy, and welcome to 2 wheels, it's bloody addictive :)
  4. Welcome to NR mate. My neighbors son owned one of those CBR's they sound pretty cool when revved out but don't go doing that till your comfortable and confident in your abilities haha.

    There are a few people from Brisbane on here so you shouldn't have to much trouble finding people to ride with.
  5. Cheers Un_majstk. My traffic history is very bad. As tempting as I want to race, I'd leave it for the track and drag strip.
    Thanks Ness. I've been reading up on your journey of riding too btw. Very good read!

    And thanks Zenkiri.
    It's addictive, the sound :)
    I did ride up to Mt Mee with my bro in law (whom just got his license 2 weeks before I did) 4 days after i got the bike. I'd say we went quite well considering first time on the twisties. Would love to do a lot more big rides in the future.
  6. Welcome X. Addiction to motorcycling is compulsory.

  7. welcome aboard mate :)
  8. I still have yet to ride up Mt mee or any mountain for that matter so your one step ahead of me.
    I'm jealous of people who have close friends or relatives that ride cause I'm alone and their isn't much I would do by myself ha ha.
  9. Zenkiri we should ride some time soon. I only have my bro in law to ride with but only on days that we both have off since our work shifts don't align.

    My bro in law has a green 09 ninja 250r by the way :)
  10. I agree, Zenkiri we need to get you out and about! I'm a very cautious rider so I wouldn't take you anywhere scary I promise :) Why don't the three of us catch up somewhere this weekend or next?
  11. I would be up for it but this weekend I have to work and I'm unsure about next weekend.
    If I have my normal shifts next week I would be free Saturday but work Sunday morning till 12.
  12. Ness the Mentor!! :cool:
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  13. My days off are sunday and monday. But am occupies from 11am on the sunday. An early morning ride to pit stop cafe at Mt mee would be awesome.
  14. Bwahahahaha
    as *if*
    I just know exactly what Zenkiri means when he says he's all alone and there aren't many routes he wants to do solo at the moment. I really want to get to know other riders so that I have someone to ride with (and I can't keep making poor BBM be my only riding partner, he's no doubt sick to death of my slow-poke ways).

    I've taken to deliberately throwing my bike on the ground while parking it in popular motorbike hangouts just so that I can flutter my eyelashes at passing blokes on sports bikes so that they will race over to assist a damsel in distress... after a few mins chatting they usually hand over their number with a "if you want someone to ride with, give me a call"... Technique so far has a 100% strike rate, but I don't think my poor CeeBee is particularly enamoured with the How-Ness-Meets-New-Riders process though so I really need to find a better way... cue me practically begging Zenkiri and MisterX to catch up soon for a "We're Newbs And We Know It" ride :D

  15. I was about to say WOOHOO see you Sunday until you said Mt Mee. I haven't done it yet and I'm kinda working my way up to it slowly. How about you ride up Mt Mee and I meet you at D'Aguilar at the other end and we can ride up to Woodford and then Peachester? I've never done Old Gympie Road but we could come back that way instead of boring old highway? Zenkiri can't make this Sunday morning though, wonder whether his shifts change each week or they're always the same?
  16. Haha yeah I don't think your CB would like that.

    I usually only work 3 days a week so I'm pretty much free most days but I know most people probably have full time jobs. I work Mondays, Friday nights and Sunday mornings.
  17. PMSL Zenkiri it doesn't look like you're ever going to meet MisterX as he only has Sunday mornings and Mondays available! :( you guys are on completely opposite schedules. Will PM you later to see if we can work something out
  18. Yeah looks like it unfortunately. Unless it's after 12 on a Sunday which is probably the only time I could do.
  19. Hahaha shiiiiet. Really is a difficult one. Will have to think of something for now.
  20. I can't possibly imagine how much harder it would be for you guys to catch up if you had daylight saving, like we do down south! :p