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Journalist response to that HUN Rubbish

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by minglis, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Excellent Article!

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  2. (y)

    not that any beige cardigan wearing knob would understand...
  3. It was too nice! Source?
  4. Strong response. Me likey.
  5. Awesome post Matt!
  6. Link was in the OP.
  7. Those who fear death fear life. Those who fear life will take yours if you let them. Fuck em all and let God sort em out.
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  8. oh, :-w
  9. You should read some of the comments at the end of the article. Very interesting.
  10. And that is their punishment.
  11. Thanks for the share minglis.
  12. Thanks Minglis.

    Pity (or maybe not?) that it was in a sports mag and not one of the major rags to put that cow Singer back in her box.
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  13. Only 2 comments printed, you'd reckon she got a creaming from normal people for the shit she wrote as they have not printed anything the fucking cowards.
  14. I Haaate!!! (Spit, spray, venomously) people who have a means to pass their retarded remarks to a larger audience, without suffering the ridicule, that they deserve.
  15. Apparently she has copped a pasting via Twitter.
  16. F@#king flat foots make me cry - thanks for sharing Minglis.

    RIP Simoncelli.
  17. I poured my drunken heart out in my reply to the good article, should get published since I refrained from attacking that cvnt too badly. Should be under Marty.