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Jordan on this 180 f.up (flip)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kneepad, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. S'up All!

    This is Will here on the red honda VTR250

    Just to let you guys know after Jordan (Black hornet 250) went to the royal melb I had a chat with his gf who said he was okay. No updates as yet, but i will keep the crew posted. Will try and visit him some stage and bring him some bike mags and twist of the wrist vol 2 to fire up his morale to the tnmr. Give me a holla if ya want to come down.

    I was riding behind him at the time where locked up the front tyre and performed an excellent 180 flip from the tail, WITH the bike there was a few nasty bumps where he landed.

    Can't say how glad I am to be riding with a group that looks after everybody’s back . Amazing shout outs go out to all the guys who helped on the crash scene. Everybody was switched on and took good care of him. Cheers all. I wish I could name all of you involved but didn't catch all your names, Ryan, dude in with the green bike with the speakerphone in his helmet and his handy iPhone GPS!!, Damien, dude who I recalled was by his side who did engineering, pony tail dude who got booked, dude on the cbr1000rr and his brother who was first on the scene who took his leg out of the handlebar, Oz, the rest I am so sorry I didn’t catch your names, you know who you are guys! Was amazing at the end of the day how you blokes managed to some how defied gravity and lifted the bike onto that pickup. I hope Saya drinks and will no doubt get him a slab/bottle of something for taking the time and looking after us.

    Cheers guys!

  2. Cheers Will, keep us updated on his progress - and yeah let me know if he wants those photos.

    By far the most spectacular crash I've seen. Sorry Holster!
  3. Glad Jordan is doing OK. :)
  4. Good to hear. Give him our best wishes.

  5. guys,

    just spoke to his gf, said the poor b#$tard had to have surgery last night at 3am, he had a perforated bowel and would've died if they didnt operated becuse of bleeding/infection. OTHERWISE nothing BROKEN!!!!!! Poor guy, i feel for him was a top dude. I said to his gf to let us know when he is free for a visit. So will keep u guys posted.

    I can't believe he was riding in front of me and this happened. I guess the impact of the accident was skin deep rather than any skidding, etc.
  6. FMD! Ouch.
  7. Was? He's still with us right? I don't know him, but if he was a top dude before, he will still be a top dude, just with scars! :wink: :grin:
  8. Opps, that is so true, i am a bit dramatic, havent seen this kinda thing before, :(
  9. hey Loz,

    Thanks for last night ur a champ, will grab those photos off u if u can send them to willchansemail@gmail.com

    Cheers mate,

  10. Don't worry Will, we can rebuild him! :LOL:

    Triway is just being pedantic!

    Of course it's not nice having a friend fall in front of you, or any other time for that matter. Don't think Jordan is going to remember much of last night. Probably a good thing! :?

  11. At least he'll have a decent battle scar to show for the night his bike beat the shit out of him.

    All the best to the guy.
  12. Any updates Will?

    Hope Jordan is mending well and quickly!

  13. I reckon he'll be pretty happy to find all the support. He is feeling better, out of hospital now, back home with family, he underwent surg and had about a litre of int bleeding, they stiched up his fract bowel, apart from a broken jaw, aokay, he cant wait to get back on the bike :]

    Ride on!!!! cheers guys!
  14. Great news and good to see that he wants to get back on the horse! hehe

    Wish him well and a speedy return from the Pooh!

    Thanks for update! :grin:
  15. Hey Everyone, thanks for your concern. It has been much appreciated :) Will thank you for everything you done. And everyone else that helped out that night , thankyou. I'll possibly be down at the diner this week (on foot though :( ) I had a perforated artery that supplied blood to the intestine, meaning my intestine could've died. The Scars going to be awesome for chick pick-ups :wink: Have a broken jaw but it's mending really well. Hopefully getting the staples out of my stomach on monday :grin: Except i'm kinda scared of the plastic wraping on top cos it's gonna pull the hairs, and the plastic goes all the was to the pubic bone .....ooouuuuuch. I think i'll OD on pain meds before going in :wink:
    Now to rebuilding my bike, gonna be a couple of months before i'm on the road again cos i think i took out the whole front end :( But i'll get there can't wait

    A sincere thank you to Will and everyone again.
  16. Good to hear you're recovering mate :D...all the best in the rest of the recovery and the bike reincarnation.

    Sounds like it was a pretty bad stack.

    phong =P~
  17. Please, tell me if I'm out of line here, but is someone able to update us who aren't in the know on exactly what happened?

    That's if thehornet is up to talking about it?
  18. An exceptionally spectacular crash. Best I've ever seen, and I've seen a fair few. Good to hear you didn't die in the arse, as it were Jordan.
  19. Maybe a good idea for a spanner slinging session.

    Glad to hear your on the mend mate. I hear a bit of the old medicinal alcohol whipes makes pulling the plastc of easier...