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Jones vs Gillard the liar

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by A boy named Sue, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Is anybody else bemused that Mr Jones' insults about our PM are being completely accepted but the rhetoric that he used to make the insults is being attacked (and condemned)? It's as if the press (and the outrage industry) are saying "yeah, we know she's a liar, but leave the family references out of it".

    The thing that gets me most worked up about this whole thing (well, worked up enough to post here) is that the news story is always "Jones' comments about the PM's late father". The rhetoric only relied on the fact that she had a father (which everybody has, despite what Penny Wong thinks) and was topical because he recently died. Note that we will also all die. So to say the comments were "about" him is just plain wrong. Do journalists even care that they are being so ridiculously inaccurate?

  2. Jones said "the old man died of shame", so the comment was clearly about him and the manner of his death, even if it was rhetorical and directed at getting a cheap laugh at Gillard's expense.

    By all means hate on Gillard all you like, but Jones comments were low.
  3. I dislike the guy intensly, and think his comment was beyond low. Usually when someone get's caught saying something by the media I usually shrug it off as something pretty nasty but I would probably hear some of my mates say the same thing and wouldn't hold them accountable for it. But if my mates said comments like this it would probably affect how I looked at them.

    But saying that I defend the guys rights to say what ever he wants. His show should not be cancelled if it is deemed profitable. The extremist right wing that support him have every fight to listen to him if they want to.
  4. It was a cheap cheap shot for sure.

    As Derrin Hynch said 'he us just a nasty old queen'
  5. We all have the right to express our views, opinions etc, irrespective of how bigoted, uneducated or mindless they may be percieved BUT "if your gonna say, be prepared to pay." Alan jones is feeling the backlash from this, just seen on the news several major sponsors have pulled support.

    Im not surprised by the level of his latest ramblings, low and completely unwarranted despite what we may think of our great ranga leader, that was undeserved.
  6. Nobody - not even Gillard - has disputed that she 'lied'. That puts her in the same box as John Howard in my book.

    That turd Jones, however, was IMO - impulsively - trying to use Gillard's perfectly normal grief as a weapon to cause deep hurt, and for my money that's good enough to stick his shit-stained arse in rowboat and tow him out to sea. :)wink:)

    Yes, he can broadcast whatever he wants as long as it's within the law, which this was.
  7. It was a cheap shot but it's his job as a shock jock ....he just took it too far like they all do every so often....it's pathetic that it gets this much media attention when there are so many more important issues going on in the world...like people traveling at 68kmph
  8. pffft... i dont see what the fuss is all about. It was a liberal party event, not a public one. The bulk of the insult rests with Juliar gillard, not her father, and cannot be denied as she has so openly lied to get into office. The fact that her father would be ashamed (or should be, i know i'd be ashamed if i raised such a self important self interested lying puppet) is hardly an attack on him or his memory, if anything it could be construed that it implies he has better morals than her, which can only be a good thing, but could probably be achieved by a rat or the herpes virus.

    I'm sure that there are a lot worse things being bantered round at labor conferences.

    Personally i reckon she's picked up on the sympathy vote in the polls and is trying to ride the wave as long as she can.

    As for Alan Jones, he's said a lot of worse things about other members of the public... why should she not cop it... specially when she deserves it. She could always tell the truth if she doesn't like being called a liar.... maybe it's a "voluntary tax" like speeding tickets. She opted in and she deserved it.

    (using the governments logic not mine)
  9. Or the degeneration of 'news' outlets, the loss of journalistic integrity (excepting lesser-known papers, etc.), neutrality being replaced with 'balance'...
  10. Just a rattle in the shit-can. Personally I couldn't give a rat's rectum what comes out his mouth and I doubt Miss Gillard or her mother would either. Everyone knows a turd stinks. I'll be pleased when people get off the band wagon and he fades away like a roo fart in the wind.
  11. Jones' comments were nasty, but not really surprising. He's a right-wing shock jock who hates Gillard and plays to a particular audience. They weren't said during his radio show, so he may have thought he could go for the cheap laughs to a receptive crowd full of uni students. But if you're a public figure and say such things anywhere you need to be prepared to own the comments. The calls for politicians to boycott his show are a bit amusing - no Labor politicians would appear on his show anyway, so it's essentially Labor trying to get the Coalition not to participate.

    TL;DR: He's a d!ckhead, lets all move on.
  12. Storm, teacup. I'm disturbed by the amount of people saying there should be laws against free speech, though.
  13. I'm just surprised that it's his comment about Gillard's Father that seems to be getting more attention, and more public outcry, than some of his past actions.

    I would have thought Jones' blatant lying from the "cash for comment" days, or his incitement of violence and responsibility for the Cronulla riots were far more serious - and should have seen him kicked out of a job years ago.

    It's a bit hypocritical for sponsors to pull out now, when they supported him through his past controversies. Seems to imply that it's okay to mislead the general public on air, and incite racial violence - just don't make personal attacks against the PM.
  14. Hate Gillard all you like (I do) but there's no excuse for the bullshit coming out of Jones' mouth. The public figure is open to criticism, even scorn, but the family should be out of bounds'

    Jones is scum and always has been.
  15. Who is Alan Jones? Wasn't he a racing car driver? He must be on the TV in Melbourne or something. If you don't give him an audience then he ceases to be important.
  16. In terms of taste, yes. In terms of legality, no.
  17. I haven't heard anyone saying anything of the sort. I've heard plenty of people trying to drive his sponsors away from him and I fully agree with that but no one ive read seem to be pushing for comments like this to be made illegal.
  18. He is a gay conservative shock jock in Sydney (go figure). He also coached the Wallabies (all those sweaty bodies cuddling). He part owns the radio station he is on and has a very big audience, also an order of Australia medal for charity work in and around Sydney.

    How come the left are so quick to label people misogynistic for hating on Gillard, Moore and Bligh's policies but aren't accused of homophobia when they hate on Jones the person?

    Anyway, labor have given up on WA and NSW (you know, the mining and finance money that pays for the country) and are focused on the subsidies-ed states.

  19. Jones' mouth is used to being in close proximity to arse so it's no surprise he comes out with this sh!t.
  20. It is also becoming apparent that he a rampant misogynist. His comments in the last couple of years go well beyond his usual anti-labor rhetoric and demonstrate that he really believes that women have no place in power.

    Some real mummy issues there.