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JokerWA Passed!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jokerWA, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. :woot: :beer: :roses: :biker:

    Took me a while to book a test I could make it to, but finally did it today! Thanks in advance to all the people who'll say congrats, but I won't be reading them until tomorrow cuz I'm off on a ride! :p Woooohooooooo!

  2. OMG! time to sell my bikes I think...........congratulations
  3. Congrats Joker -now the fun really begins.
  4. congrats joker !!!!! hope your first liscensed run is great!!! :)
  5. Congrats jokerWA :woot:
  6. Congrats, man, have a great ride and a safe year
  7. well done
  8. Congrates mate ...

    Was that you I Saw in Freo on South st at 2pm 13/11 today ???
  9. Yeeeaaahhh..... Congrats, Joker!!!!
  10. Ha-ha-bloody-ha! :p You'd better believe it, and I'm in your neck of the woods a lot lately, be careful if you're heading along Kalamunda Rd :p
    Nah that wasn't me, I went home, had a shower (in the 30 seconds between parking the bike at the end of the test and the instructor getting off his bike and pronoucing me ok I swear I produced more sweat than a day in the desert.... ahhh good old paranoia!). Filled the tank, went for a blatt, washed the bike, went for a blatt to dry it, lubed the chain, went for a blatt to make sure it was lubed properly, had something to eat, went for a blatt to make sure I hadn't forgotten how ;) :LOL: Mostly I went east rather than south, but that's for next time :grin:
  11. Well don't leave us in suspense....how was your shower?

    i mean ride? yeah...how was your ride?
  12. :LOL: yeah it was great, grabbed some bottled water at the servo and kept splashing myself for that Water-Cooled effect, had a great time :) Now really looking forward to going on some rides without having to have some poor sucker "attached" to me on babysitting duty :p
  13. Congrats Joker.

    Nice feeling ripping off that L Plate :grin:

  14. Heheh actually the L plate is still attached to my gear rack, I just popped the gearsack over the top of it and it covers it nicely :grin: But nice to get out there without the big L detracting from the lines of the bike... or something like that ;)
  15. Goodonya :biker:

    Also a big pat on the back for your work with the WA coffee nights
    I really appreciate you helping out Bec when she first got there, I know she's grateful as well.

    Hope to meet when I (one day) get the money together for a WA Holiday

  16. Nice one Joker!!

    And I feel ya man, trying to book a test takes for ages D: I got mine on the 5th of feb god damnit.

    Congrats Anyways!!
  17. Nice work mate - nice and easy eh. Enjoy!
  18. Good one chief!!!!

    Me too!!!!! ^ ^
  19. Awesome mate! :grin: So maybe we'll see you at the Vic Park Hotel on the 7th?