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Joining the ranks

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jtw008, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Bought my bike on Monday, but have been too busy riding to post, yay. 98 Model gsx250f Suzuki Across in purple. Bought teh bike monday morning, and it's rained here for three days straight. I thought we were supposed to be in the middle of a drought :evil: . Anyway I have to go, happy anzac day everyone, and i'll be back to tell of my riding experiences!!

  2. Congrats on the new bike. Enjoy the freedom :wink:
  3. hah, you could be living in Ulladulla; they had 75mm (3 inches in the old scale) overnight on Monday night :shock:.

    But riding weather WILL come, trust me.

    Someone once asked Mark Twain, in the middle of a southern wet spell, "Do you think it will stop raining, Mr Twain?"

    He replied, "It always has!"

    Enjoy the Across, and Netrider!
  4. gratz on the bike, the across is actually quite quick for a 250, so be careful and dont get too cocky with your riding and end up like me :p :oops:
  5. The boys at the dealer started my bike for me on monday, and i didnt let her cool down all day. That night i rode round to my girlfriends house, and was there for about 5 hours. The bikes i rode at the training centre for my ls didnt have a choke, so i didnt think to try use it. Tried for about 20 mins to get the bike started, then realised about the choke. Bike purred to life, and i killed the engine straight away. I stayed the night with my girl, and went out in the morning to jump on...battery was dead from trying to start it the night before. So my second day with the bike, was spent dreaming of her in the shed at home. (Embarassed). Also with the across, the battery is located under the storage compartment. Took me 45 minutes to work out how to get to it to charge it. I've been riding it everywhere, and im slowly getting a bit of confidence on her...trying my best not to hold up the cagers at roundabouts etc.

    Also, cruising on my own is ok, but i dont really know anyone around here that rides. Anyone based around the southern highlands in nsw, that would be willing to go for a cruise with and extreme noob?? Thanks guys, and thanks for the encouragement.