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Joining the Learners club and have found potential bike???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by polar bear_909, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I have decided commute to work via motorcycle. :grin: ..It all started when I went pillion with a colleague at work. I have booked into the course at HART 11th, 12th Oct. I am posting beacause I have been looking at a VTR 250 and have possibly found one, but after people's thoughts as I am still learning about bikes and the mechanics.

    The lady is selling as now has a two month old baby. Inpsected yesterday and looks fine. Reported dropping it in garage once with some scuff marks on exhaust and right handlebar. Low Km's as never got round to riding. Vic roads security indicates nil problems.

    see bike sales (can't post URL's yet) under VTR250, in rowville $5500

    What are your thoughts as am noobie :?
  2. I didn't look at the bike you have noted, however the VTR250 is an ever popular n00b ride. No fairing makes it more drop friendly than others, and reliability is well Honda, enough said.

    Re-sale value is excellent, and they go like hot cakes, so if you like the look and feel of the model, buy a good example, and don't waste time or someone will beat you to it.
  3. Welcome PolarBear!!!

    I have no experience with these beasties, either to ride, or buying/selling, but they provoke fierce loyalty with those who own them, and are right at the top of the list of 'nooobie bikes' :).
  4. for what its worth porbably should have added it is a

    2001 model
    6000kms on clock
    reg until 09/08
    recently serviced

    reading what I have just written, it looks even more tempting than when i first wrote, oh I may have a bike by this afternoon.... :grin:
  5. With such low km and I think it might have the tacho the early ones didn't, anything less than $5K would be a good price if all is in order.
  6. do mean that the tacho reads differently meaning 60000km?
  7. definately I am a newbie

    I am off to a great start.... I wasn't sure what was meant by tacho - thinking it was the overall km readout, but after a quick google it is the reve counter! Oh so much to learn..... :eek: