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Joining the Big Boys

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all, just thought i would announce that today i got my big bike licence! Woo hoo, 2 years of waiting, riding every day since i got my L's and man it feels good! Cant wait to trade the ol learner bike in for something a little more....fitting!

  2. Pictures, please!!!
  3. Well done Owen! when you get your new lady, make sure you get pictures up!
  4. Ha ha... well done, Owen! I'm one of the big boys now too :p
  5. Youre a boy?
  6. :LOL: No.
  7. sweet man dont forget pics of new bike..... ahhh i remember that when i became full licence..... hold on it was only a year ago :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Don't you mean joining the big boys AND girls?! We chicks ride big bikes too you know!!!
  9. Congratz mate, what kind of bike are you thinking of getting?
  10. well done , most guys off their restrictions go straight for a 1000cc bike . may i suggest get a 600cc super sport & learn to ride it to its capacity ..
  11. yeah like me!

    congrats mate. enjoy the beautifcul torment of the dicision involved in the upgrade process!

  12. Thats Great news Owen! Remember to post pics of your new girl!
  13. Hmmmm Now how am I ment to keep up with you? Oh yeah, Terror :p
  14. I thought he meant he was getting a peni5 extension. Imagine my suprise when pinxie said that.....
  15. Congrats dude!
    I know da feeling, having only been on my big bike for a month now. It feels great
  16. Why 2 yrs? Thats a long time.

    Nevertheless, Congratulations are in order. [​IMG]


    Any ideas on what bike you'd like to get next?
  17. aint seen u in a while mate, whats your plans with the GS?

    i blew up my GPX recently... am thinking i got 5 months to go before im off my R-date, do i rebuild... buy again.. or upgrade n hope to not be pulled over..

    good luck on your next purchase!
  18. Heh thanks for all the replies people! I originally wanted a buell but they are too expensive for me right now. Am looking at the sv650 as i luuurv vtwins and really like the speed triple. All depends on money now i guess, dont wanna go too big either as i want a bike i can learn with and one that im slightly afraid of so it will keep me within my limits.