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Joining A Group/Tag Along

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by prahs, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. I was out riding on the weekend. I rode past a couple of guys gave them a nod and a wave kept going, they caught up and we kind of had a spontanous group for a second. I followed for a bit but they were heading towards north sydney I wasn't really happy heading further north so I turned off and headed back.

    2nd time, basicly the same thing... but the existing group was about 6 guys some with pillions. I taged onto the end of the group and rolled with it for a bit again they started to head a bit to far away from were I was planing on going so I left them to it.

    Long story short... Do you tag along with randoms? do randoms tag along with you? whats people's feelings on this one?
  2. I would if it suited me. I would also stop if they stopped and say G'day (nice thing to do :wink:

    Haven't had it happen for a while. Was stopped at lights a few years ago and met some guys who asked me to have a coffee with them. Met a regular advertiser here from that little adventure!! It's surprising the friends you make by doing something you wouldn't normally do :grin:
  3. It happens most times I'm out riding alone. If I see a few bikes ahead of me I tend to catch up with them, ride along with them for a while and then turn off towards my intended destination. Always seem to get the nod or wave as I peel off and ride away. It appears that other riders tend to catch up with myself and tag along on most days. When this happens we have a "bit of a play" in the traffic before splitting from each other. I do it for the comraderie and the safety in numbers (visibility) aspect and apart from a few "wankers" I haven't had many negative responses when I or someone else does this. As has already been stated you end up stopping at lights etc. and start converstions with other riders which can lead to friendships or riding buddies etc. Ah the joys of being a biker :grin: .
  4. Sure...why not...we're all bikers. :grin:

    As humans, it's natural for us to wanna group together...we are not a solitary species by nature...
    And provided everyone is respecting the others space and giving room, it's probably safer than being the lone rider.
    (assuming they are'nt a bunch of nob-jockeys, of course)
  5. I always try and lose him... but he's on a bird :LOL:
  6. There are some riders who won't want you to join their group. This is usually because of a previous bad experience with a rider they didn't know. They'll let you know, though, if you're not welcome.
  7. yeah and I don't want to be seen in the company of a GPz so I usually give them a wide birth just in case its Matt :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Personally I hate blow in's, and I don't do it to others.

    If someone starts obviously following me, I'll just take off at warp speed, and they can try keep up. Usually that gets rid of them....
  9. I don't like people following me unless they stay at least 50metres away to indicate that they are happy with my pace and don't want to overtake.

    As for following, I do tag along with bikes in traffic when I can. As for randomly following, I did follow 2 cruisers through wisemans ferry, but thats because so many of the corners have crap visibility so watching someone corner in front of you before you get to it, helps alot.
  10. Well I haven't tagged along anyone before, but I have overtaken some bikes along the way to work. I wouldn't mind tagging along, but it seems intrusive :?. If I happen to be going the same way, I'll stick for a while.

    I am sure...if someone is not wanted in a group, the universal language of "F... You/Off" hand gesture can be used.

    phong =P~
  11. Hey Tweet....Hawaii boring??? You anti-social animal you :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Many times. In fact thats how I met most of my riding mates.

    At the lights I always ask if I can tag along & when they get off
    their rides thats when I talk & later leave with their contact details.

    I've not once had anyone say they didn't want me following em.
  13. I've seen pictures of you MG - even if they didn't want you following them, no one would have the balls to tell you so :p.
  14. I can't say I've ever followed a group, as I'm not really fast enough yet to keep pace with most of the riders on our local loop, but I wouldn't mind if someone dropped in behind a group I was in, just as long as they weren't being a tool about it i.e tailgating etc.
  15. Thanks for the feedback.

    I just wanted to make sure it was not a taboo I wasn't aware of :D
    Personally I would rathur have a few people around. Lone wolf gets old after a while :p
  16. when i catch up to bikes going roughly the same speed as me and splitting when i would split i tag along. i never go off my planned route though.
  17. I wonder if people feel the same on w/e blasts up the pac highway of royal N.park ?
    I tend to ride by myself for the road warrior run. Usually cos my friends take half the day to get to Hornsby ( slackers !) :evil:
    So I seem to catch or chase and ride with a group. Its not that i wanna race, but more that its more fun with a few and it helps me learn the road.
    If there too slow I overtake, if too fast, I slow it down back to my limits.
    So does this piss people off.? So far the people I talk to after are cool, but it would be good to know if this gets under peoples skin .
  18. Na, honestly i enjoy the quiet rides by myself. no one to watch out for, or keep up with... just you and the bike, riding off into the sunset (or sunrise, or during the day or night). :grin:
  19. I like the groupie thing :grin:

    Usually meet a few blokes and girls on the natio runs or the putty (if I dont forget to stop before singo :shock: )

    always good to meet and learn. The competive edge is never something to shy away from as long as its within your limits