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Joined the nest

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Ken found it on Ebay while i was away, we drove out to Shepparton to check her out on saturday, took her for a test ride, fell in love, bought on the spot and rode home.

    Hornet600, 1998, 10,000ks, mint condition, $5,500 and i'm hopelessly besotted by her already :)

    My new baby - first two photos
  2. WOW Carri. CONGRATS!!!

    Bye Bye Baby ZZR :(
  3. Hell, that's great bucks for a Hornet6 that looks like it's in great nick.

    Sheeeeyit, you should come up through Gippsland today with us, the more Hornets the merrier!

    Congrats on your new ride Miss Carri, I know you're gonna love it and I look forward to hitting the road with you and your Bandito-bound fella toot sweeet, mate.
  4. 1998 model??

    10,000 kms???


    Arrest that woman for highway robbery!!!! :LOL:

    Congrats, carri, I'm really happy for you. We'll have to have a mini-hornet's nest when I come down for the Netrider Dinner in September..

    AND, LOVE the IoM pics....
  5. Congrats Carrie :woot: that is one shiny bike :LOL:

    PS: You need to change your profile ;)
  6. Congrats Carri....looks awesome and what a great price!!!!
  7. Very nice Carri, been following your exploits and agree the new hornets look great! Also congrats on your new purchase looks fantastic and nice price too.

    I am looking at the hornets when i upgrade. Wonder if they will bring the new model out here for 2007? Still if i could pick up one like yours who cares.
  8. congrats, nice ride ;)
  9. Congrats Carri on your sweet looking shiny new ride :grin:

    You have to have this down at a coffee night soon so we can all check it out :cool:
  10. good point. thanks kraven. have done.

    and thx all for the well wishes. lookin' forward to catching up on the road some time :) :wink:
  11. Congrats on the new bike! :grin:
    We should do a tally and see if the number of Hornet owners have overtaken Across owners!! :p
  12. Congrats on the bike.. They always look so much better in blue.. :grin:
  13. just another congrats Carri, 600's kick arse
  14. awsome carri! congrats!!
  15. Boy, what a deal!

    It looks like a lovely bike, carri. Well done!
  16. Woo hoo! :LOL:
    Another Hooner in the nest!
    Highway robbery, indeed! :shock:
    Bring it to coffee night on friday!
    Daz. :wink:
  17. That's a beautiful looking bike!!!! Congrats!!
  18. :dance: Fantastic :applause:
  19. Excellent find. Looks extremely well looked after.

    How was the roads in that area? Im assuming you took the Goulburn Hwy. Havnt been that way in years & last time I was, was in the car. Have always hated going that way.

    That's a kick arse bike at a kick arse price
    Looks just like mine used to!
    you must be over the moon

    looking forward to seeing your "hornet mod" thread in the near future!