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Joined the 'Huntsman Inside Helmet' club

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by alexanderino, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. I enjoyed my first 'Huntsman inside helmet' experience yesterday while riding my motorcycle.

    It happened around 1:20 pm on the way to Homebush, Sydney. Thankfully, I had already exited the M4 and was pulling up to a red light. As I began to turn right, I felt the creepy but all-too-familiar pitter-patter up my jacket's back, my neck, then on top of the helmet (yes, I heard and felt its feet running across my helmet!). With a pounding heart, I stopped and looked in the mirror, to see this orange giant monster on top.

    Screaming like a little girl, I tried to brush it off, but it scurried down the front and went straight for the chin bar. Once I recognised it as a Huntsman, I calmed down a bit. Flailed at it again and it vanished, but to where? Some seconds later, it reappeared on my visor above my left eye. As I checked the mirror, I realised with horror that it was INSIDE, NOT OUTSIDE, the helmet. I quickly opened the visor — the Huntsman was now about an inch away from my eye — and gave it a massive flick, dislodging a helmet screw in the process. The hapless spider went flying and landed on the overpass's tarmac, and I sped off as the light turned green.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

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  2. yeah I had one crawl across my eye while stopped at a set of lights. scared the crap outta me. they might be fairly harmless but when they surprise you like that the first reaction is to get it the hell out of there. they are ugly little buggers - they have eight eyes - sends a shiver down my spine!!!
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  3. LOL

    one club I dont want to join
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  4. I stepped on one in bare feet.....don't ever believe people when they tell you huntsman are harmless!!! THEY ARE NOT! They hurt like f***.....
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  5. I bet the huntsman still came off second best in that encounter.
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  6. It did indeed!! Gees it hurt...my toe swelled up, was red and itchy and hurt like hell for days!!!!!!!!! Never again will I believe the spiel about huntsman!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  7. Had a redback stroll across my visor ON THE INSIDE! a few years ago.
    I bought a BMW System 6 with a quick release ratchet strap the next day.
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  8. Didn't you stop to check for its mate...... ;)
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  9. I would've thrown off the helmet and burned everything!

    You seemed pretty cool! I woulda made a real fool of myself by actually screaming and leaping off the bike jumping and shaking around!

    Did you see a body? They are not dead if there is no body!! They WILL track you down and kill you!
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  10. The video hides how terrified I was until I realised it's a Huntsman. Even when it got inside and stared me in the (left) eye from the visor, I was relatively OK.

    The truly frightening part was 0:04-0:28, when I began to feel something crawl up my jacket, then on my neck, then up the back the helmet towards the front. I FELT ITS FEET STOMP ACROSS, FERCHRISSAKE. Don't ask me how. I did my best to stay calm and remain in control, while my imagination worked overtime to conjure Lovecraftian demons and the face-hugger from Alien. In fact, I would have perceived it as something along those lines, hence the initial squeals (which stopped once I recognised it).
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  11. Just as well you got it and it didn't crawl onto your bike, otherwise this would be the next step.

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  12. I had better not tell my wife about this thread. If I do she'll never put her helmet on again.
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  13. Please tell me the Sparassidae arachnid survived the encounter, I'm very fond of them.
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  14. If it ran towards the footpath, probably. It landed on the tarmac (just out of my camera's vision before I rode off). And yes, I hope it's OK. Love them Huntsman spiders, too. A couple of them visit my place every now and then; they're discreet, efficient and polite -- welcome any time in here.
  15. ROTFL. I joined the big huntsman club when I parked a Yamaha 100 commuter between two Harleys. I left the hat over a parking meter. Nice of them to provide a little stand... I came back once and the bike had moved, all by itself. So, being young and silly I put it back. Brief time later, I returned, all seemed fine, nobody said anything, so I put the hat on and fired up the two smoke and headed off, up Darlinghurst Road and then down King William. When I decided to angel lane between a bus and a line of cars, all going about 20k, the Huntsman decided it was sick of being stuck about the back of my head so it wriggled free, and ran across my face... How I didn't end up under an eastern suburbs bus, I don't know. So being young and silly I went back up the 'Cross to remonstrate with the guilty party. The outlaws all thought I was very funny, and one of them took pity on me and led me gently but firmly away before I got myself killed... It's not a night I'll forget any time soon.
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  16. Wonderful story, kneedragon. It's good to see you active on NR again. Hope all is well with you.

    By the way, did you know a bigger Huntsman was discovered in Laos around 2001? The aptly-named Giant Huntsman spider can sport leg spans of around 30 cm — the size of a dinner plate. In comparison, our Huntsman spiders get to around 12.5 cm.
  17. Mate one of those in my helmet while riding would likely give me a heart attack....
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  18. Active is relative. I try. It is nice to be back. And how are you Alex?

    I don't want to think about a twelve inch spider, I have to sleep some time...
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  19. Heard a similar story of someone putting on their helmet and going for a ride, not realizing they had put it down on an ants nest. They all started biting at 100kph!
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  20. Guys think they're real men because they ride bikes.
    Girls know if men are real or not by the way they handle spiders...
    Thankfully my wife married me before she saw my reaction to spiders. ;)

    I love huntsmen too - just not in or on my person, helmet, bike, etc. In the house is OK. Much prefer them over those white tail mongrels that love to get in the sheets or under the pillows, etc...

    As for ants - this is #1 reason why I don't put my helmet on the ground, but put it on the bike somewhere. Followed closely by #2 reason which is dogs. ;-)