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Join a Club or Not??

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tonner, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. So a question

    I have no-one to ride with much, dont mind riding by myself anyways but a bit of company and some longer rides would be good. I am near 50 and not interested in going to fast but still need to get the thrill factor which means the odd moment of thinking I'm 25 again, probably why I liked my XVS650 so much........Should I join a club?

    Maybe Ulysses or the like? they seem to have a lot of middle aged people mixed in with some young people as well.

    I am sure others found themselves in my situation, would be interested in hearing your experiences through clubs etc.

    I live on the southside of Brisbane :biker:
  2. You need to be 40 to join ulyses as a junior and you consider them young people?
    Join up, they'll love you! ;)
  3. Good question Tonner. Certainly down here in Melbourne there is no shortage of informal social rides organised thru NetRider. Maybe the Bris NR scene is a bit quieter?

    The Ulysees Club people I have met out on rides have been extremely friendly and easy going - maybe see if you can go along to a meeting and a ride and see what you think? Most clubs welcome prospective members who just want to come along and have a look.

    The other suggestion I would make is to find and join an online forum that is specific to your bike - it's pretty common for forum members to catch up for a ride, work on the bikes, turn a few snags on a barbie ... all without the formality of a club.

  4. there's also a queensland specific bike forum
  5. It can take some time to find the group the suits you best.

    Some peopel don't like the regimented, anal retentiveness of some clubs. Other people don't like the really 'relaxed' attitude other groups have.

    Your local bike shop would hopefully know who the local groups are.
  6. We all get old one day