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Johnny O's birthday drinks!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    I have met many fantastic people here at Netrider, I think it would be awesome if you all could join me for drinks in Melbourne CBD on Saturday night the 25th of this month.

    EDIT- OK Guys, it's at the 'Duke of Kent' on Latrobe St, just around the corner from PS & Yam City (1 min walk from Melbourne Central train station).

    The place is booked for 8.00pm to 1.00am this Saturday, heaps of light snacks are provided. There'll be plenty of people from racing circles and the motorcycle trade.

    All Netriders (and their partners) are welcome.

    See yoos there

    I have to work on the Saturday so I guess I'll be in the local watering-hole after I finish, from about 6.00pm onwards until the Duke opens.

    I guess we could end up back at my place (I'd better check with Ben first) in Reservoir afterwards...... plenty of carpet to sleep on :)


    This is going to be big! :)

    * Johnny O - John (getting younger (or is that more immature?) with age)
    * Holster - Holly (Xena on the black Z750)
    * Sharkuss - Simon (Coffee night king)
    * MVrog - Roger (too old for his MV, stay on the (EDIT) ZZR fella lol)
    * Ken - Megacycle Exhausts (Isle of Man gun)
    * Hotmilk - Craig (rimtape professional)
    * edgelett - MIA (move to Vic)
    * slickncghia - Ben ('NC Ghia' it's a Ford car)
    * missmakeupgrrl - Ally (shrinking every day)
    * garfield - MIA (see you Sunday if hang-over not too bad)
    * Loz (rider of 'THE' ZX9R)
    * Cheng (always good for a pash :wink: )
    * Isle of Cam - Cam (burn out/beer king)
    * gracebeey - Grace (It's just the helmet that's big)
    * endurotour - Alan (soon to get a Supermotard?)
    * Chris (Hyosung wheelie machine)
    * shadowarrior - sidds (L platers night off)
    * cheston3 - CS (Yam City expert in the making)
    * Marisa (Like Jamie, not just a fast chick but a fast rider; period!)
    * TruCallin - Mat (Ducati's rule)
    * BT Tigger (by BC John :wink: )
    * Miss dj - Jamie (life begins at 300kph - respect)
    * caz V1 - Carole (Service Dept Queen)
    * donski1 - Donna (one of the boys, always up for a good time)
    * Brij (you missed a fun AR.... next time)
    * cossie - Stu (the only man alive to get on the back of my bike 4 wheelies)
    * Azz - Aaron (spent as much time in hospital as me!)
    * Jadey - Jade (Azz's partner in crime)
    * nibor - Robin (Come with me to the cosmic gate)
  2. Count me in
  3. Am there !
  4. sorry mate i won't be in melb again until november..
    have an awesome birthday though!
  5. twill be the social event of the season.

    I'll be there mate
  6. Oh no!!! :( Missing out on a party!
    Nephews wedding at Torquay on Saturday :cry:

    :idea: But will be in for a post party Sunday evening. It is MVrog's birthday on Sunday too.
  7. Ohh I'm a princess!

    Does this mean I have to dress up as Xena now?
  8. couldnt hurt hol
  9. I reckon I'll be in that, with some possible Chengaleng action.
  10. That can be Johnny's birthday present! Heehee.
  11. An excuse to drink more beer. I'm in.
  12. Hey Johnny! Count me in!

  13. yes please.....
  14. I haven't got a gtr. Never even ridden one.
  15. Oops sorry fella, ZZR1100, always get them mixed up with the tourer ;-)

    Thanks guys, this is going to be one fun night :LOL:
  16. yay i'm onshore that week... count me in JohnnyO
  17. :LOL: I knock off 4 hours earlier than you, I can make a head start on the elbow bending :p
  18. Is that the thanks I get :evil: I'd better talk to the bosses about the workshop being open ALL DAY Saturday :wink: :LOL:
  19. Bastard boss.