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Johnny O was evaluated for instructor @ PI, on Sept 8th

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Hey Guy's :)

    I have my first evaluation day to become an instructor at Phillip Island Superbike School on Sept 8th, if anyone is doing the school that day I'll see you there.

  2. can't be there, but besta luck with the evaluation :)
  3. What would you be instructing? The "crash" course in Superbike riding? :rofl:
  4. Best of luck.
  5. Just remember Johnny, if something seems obvious to you, it probably isn't to us. We're idiots.

  6. If you learn from your mistakes, I must be the smartest mofo out there LOL
  7. Thanks Skuff
  8. Good luck J.O. :)

    I'm fascinated by this opportunity for you mate. I'm really curious about the process. Are you being "indoctrinated" in KC method? Do you have to read the material then regurgitate it to the chief instructor?? Are you getting a lizard implant?? :shock:
  9. Good luck Johnny, no doubt there's plenty of experience to impart on young eager minds at the Superbike School...

    If not, just smack 'em over the head and tell them to listen to their elders :p
  10. best of luck :)
  11. Good luck!
  12. Good luck and all the best. :grin:
  13. The best of luck

    to your students :rofl:
  14. LMAO Vic! Or any pillions that decide to risk their lunch!

    Good luck Johnny. Best we get that Winton day set up so I can still get your wisdom for free.
  15. Good luck JO. Stay confident and remember to breath. :)
  16. Good luck - you'll have your work cut out instructing some of this lot... :p :LOL:
  17. if i go, would i have to slow down and wait for you? lol. :LOL: :roll:
  18. Damn…
    I should get booked in just to give you a hard time…
    Happy hunting mate
    Because Luck is not a factor
  19. Nice one. You might not remember, but you were giving me a coupla tips at Broadford once and I found it very helpful :) So if it were up to me, I'd pass you :grin:

    Congrats and good luck :biker:

    (And remember to study your dianetics :wink:)
  20. You are welcome.