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Johnny O Update.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. I'm posting in this section because it's a follow on from this thread
    and I wasn't sure where it should go. :)

    Johnny has requested that I post an update on his current situation to save him having to personally update everyone by phone (there's a lot of people he'd need to call to do that for all concerned netriders).

    On a general note, John looks happier and weller each day, so the initial shock of the fall has worn off (and the pain killers) and he has colour in his face again. :) Of course he has a lot more colour on his arse, legs and arm with the bruising. :wink:

    On Sunday John had an operation on his leg to insert an inflatable rod in his tibia (or was it fib :? )which seems to have been successful and has shaved serveral weeks off his expected recovery time by getting it done so early. He had initally thought he'd need more time for some other smaller fractures to heal first. :)

    He will go into surgery again this evening (about 6pm) to have his bicep re-attached. I'm guessing if you plan to visit during the day, it would be best to call cause I don't know when they start fussing about for pre-op. I doubt there'll be visiting hours left after the op and he'd likely be doped on General asesthetic anyway. :wink: He'll probably be more alert for visits tomorrow. :)

    Johnny seems positive about progess at this stage and is very appreciative of the concern everyone's shown for him. With a bit of luck he expects to be out of hospital by the end of the week and hopefully on a that gixer in a few months. :grin:
  2. What time are visiting hours at the hospital seany??
  3. All the best for a full and speedy recovery Johnny O
  4. 11am to 8pm I think. Vic can correct me if I'm mistaken. :)
  5. I have a laptop he can borrow if he or anyone else knows how he can hook it to the net, just let me know and I will get it to him. May stop him going stir crazy, and give the nurses some peace!

    Why has it taken so long to have the operations??

    Speedy recovery dude.
  6. Yes it is his tibia. He also has a some fractures in his fibula on the same leg.

    There was some worry about how to proceed with the ops, just due to the nature and severity of the fractures. All looks alot better now.

    Enjoy the morphine Johnny, it makes up for the food !! :)
  7. depending on the situtation they often have to wiat for swelling/bruising to subside bofore thay can operate
  8. *sends healing mojo in Johnny's direction*

    Get well soon, mate! :)
  9. things are sounding more positive every day :)
    he will be back on his feet in no time im sure :)
  10. Bugga!...I missed all this!...
    Sorry to hear you got tossed off the bike Johnny...
    Speady recovery mate...may your Nurse be sexy and gorgeous!..:)
  11. lol, I met one of johnny's nurses last night and I must say the guy really didn't go it for me :)
  12. Correct :)
  13. I think Stck Munkey was going to get one to him but that malaka has the flue and didnt want to pass it on to J.O

    If you are able to get him a lapdance............errr, laptop, I'm sure he would appreciate it.
  14. Dave is a lovely bloke egiste :p

    He should request/beg for Fran or Jane ;) Thats some serious hotness, let me tell you :grin:
  15. Now that's funny..... the nurse, not the Jonnie falling off the bike thing.

    Glad to hear your on the mend, shame they didn't spot the bicep damage at the start though.

    p.s. don't worry about the GP tickets.....we can do it next year
  16. I JUST spoke to Jonny

    and he is in a LOT of pain

    they have stopped his meds

    as the surgery is some time this afternoon
    he is not sure what time

    he said he cant even think straight he is in so much pain
  17. They did, they gave it time to reattach itself, it didn't so they had to stitch it.
  18. aparently he went into surgery early. I think around 3.30?

    curiosity... how long are you out cold for with an anesthetic? i know thats like how long is a peice of string but :?
  19. general anaesthetic consists of a sedative and muscle relaxant-- lay mans terms called general anaesthitc (GA) and this involves inserting an endotracheal tube to breathe for pt whilst under. once the surgery is over - the anesthetist reverses all medications and pt wakes up-- so to answer your q# it depends on how long the surgery goes for as to "how long are you out cold for...?" and patient should be completely breathing for themselves once they go to theatre recovery room post surgery.
  20. thanks marisa :)