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Johnny O racing @ MotoGP, thanks Netrider.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Hey Guys, I got sucked in by my mates into having a ride in the Superbike class at this years MotoGP, I'm really only treating it as a ride-day, as I'm riding my stock & tired 70,000 km commuter bike.

    Having not worked for nearly a year (due to a motorcycle crash), funds are very tight, in fact I am using used tyres that are over 2 years old! LOL As my GSXR is my only form of transport, I had no way of getting my bike to the track in race trim (lights off & slicks).

    But thankfully Vic from Netrider has come to my rescue and arranged for my bike to get to the Island & home again (hopefully it'll still be in one piece LOL).

    Just wanted to say thanks to Vic and Netrider, I won't be running with the fast guys at the Island but I'll be wearing my Netrider decals with pride :biker:
  2. Wow thats awesome! Have a blast =D
  3. Good one vic !!!!

    Enjoy the day Johnny
  4. Great work Vic!! Well done.

    JO, good luck and go hard!!!

    Edit: actually, treat it like the MR, you'll beat everyone...!!
  5. That is AWESOME.

    Have fun and I hope you do well and the bike comes home with you in one piece.
  6. +1 to what the others have said, only I also hope that you come home in one piece too! :)
  7. Goodonya John
  8. Woohoo - go Johnny....i will be cheering loudly for ya :)

    No matter where u are in the pack i'm sure you'll be having a blast...!!!
  9. God help the man! You should see his Pit crew ;-)
  10. What is a set of race tyres worth?
  11. Pass the hat around?
  12. You don't want to know guys, I wouldn't accept it anyway, I appreciate the thought I really do, and thankyou but life is hard on everyone these days, spend it on your family & loved ones, not on some stupid old guy running around at the back of a Superbike race LOL.

    Just for your interest sake, a competitive rider would probably use 2 or 3 fronts over the weekend and 4 or 5 rears. You're looking at $220 per each front tyre and about $300 for each rear. You need to go down there armed with at least 2 front and 3 rear rain tyres incase it is a wet weekend.

    The Superbikes have 1 x free practise session, 1 x qualifying session and 4 races. 6 sessions on the track, a 1000cc Superbike ridden at Australian Championship level (or by someone clumsy on the throttle) can destroy a rear per session.

    The compound of the slicks needed will be decided by the temperature of the weekend, fronts you will have to decide between softs or Mediums, the rears decide between mediums & hards.

    So to be ready to be competitive you will need 8 fronts and 13 rears, that equals $5,660 just for tyres, for one weekend!! LOL. Who wants to come racing now? :)

    I have -

    2 x old (but unused) soft compound rear Michelin slicks (that will be shredded by halfway through a session) that a good friend gave me.

    1 x Dunlop very hard compound rear slick that is 3 years old (but also unused).

    1 x front Pirelli rain tyre that is 3 years old (also unused).

    1 x Pirelli rear rain tyre also 3 years old and unused.

    2 x ex team used front Dunlop slicks that I bought cheap from a wreckers.

    The Dunlop rear didn't work when I tried it at the Island 3 years ago, so I'm not expecting it to work this time LOL.

    I might fire-up the credit card and buy an 'E' (endurance) rear Dunlop GP racer slick to get me through the races.
  13. Have a great weekend, Johnny, you're living a lot of dreams for blokes like me who couldn't do what you're doing :).
  14. Great to hear J.O'. Have a great weekend, and let us all know how you went - we're all living vicariously through you for those 3 days now!

    Show 'em what a stock Gix with huge mileage can do!
  15. Nice work!

    Good luck mate :]
  16. midlife crisis lol - you obviously don't know the man.
  17. Tut tut tut.

    Cranky old racers. Too many blows to the head isn't good for you.

    Anyho, good luck with it Johnny O, and if your bikes short a ride back to Melbourne, get in touch with us as I may be able to help out. I'll cheer on from the sidelines.
  18. Johnny O is in A grade. He probably knows what he is doing
  19. Ha ha I was going to let this one slide but what the hell, I like a good dust-up on and off the track :grin:

    'Spara's fart' I think you been here before under another name I expect but never mind.

    I don't know if you really know much about racing in this country, half the bikes running in Superbikes or Supersport are pretty close to stock, not everyone can get a factory ride, would you like to see 10 bikes on the grid?

    When I raced in a couple of World Superbike rounds, I rode a near stock ZXR750, and only used 1 set of tyres for each weekend. MA (the controlling body of motorcycle racing in the country) only accepted entries from 16 of the fastest Superbike riders in the country, I was one of those, only 8 of those 16 went under the qualifying cut-off time to get into the race, I qualified. Of the 38 starters for the World Superbike races, I finished 19th & 20th, now do you think because I had a stock ZXR, I shouldn't have ridden?

    Riding the same stock ZXR750, I finished 9th overall in the Australian Superbike Championship, with a best place finish of 6th at Wanneroo, I did the whole Championship using used tyres that one of the teams gave me, do you think I shouldn't have raced?

    If I make the qualifying cut-off at the GP and am allowed to race, then the officials think I should be out there, do you know more than them? I think not LOL.

    "mid life crisis".... my ex thinks I've been going through it my whole life LOL, for sure I may not be riding faster than I use to, but I'm not ready for the scrap-heap just yet LOL.

    If I can bring everything together at the GP, and beat younger riders on Superbikes, I'll see you back here. If I get lapped, crash or get in the way of the leaders, then I accept the public embarrassment that this public forum can lay on me.

    To my friends here that support me, thankyou, I'll be trying as hard as I can.
  20. Besides Johnny, you are like the 6 Million Dollar Man. (Remember that show?) Every time you come off, the doctors say "We can re-build him. Faster. Stronger. Better."

    (Now I'm going to have the theme song for the show in my head for the rest of the day...)
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