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Johnny O puts it down.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Yeh, yeh, I know I had it coming :wink:

    Hmmm, a bit sore, typing with one hand. Got a little bit amped on the ride last night, thought there might have been gravel in a corner, took to the run-off area, managed to miss the armco at the last second, broken collarbone and plenty of bruises.

    First inident with a passenger, sorry Laura, she's ok just a sore elbow.
  2. :( But the question on everyones lips is.... Hows the bike?

    Glad to hear your both ok dude :)
  3. Sorry to hear Johnny.
    Glad you and Laura are fine.
  4. Sorry to hear mate :( Wasn't a Redwing demo bike was it?
  5. Ouch. Hope it's not your wiping arm. Wiping wrong handed is an utter bastard.

    Is it being fixed or left to heal by itself?
  6. As you well know mate, any crash you can walk away from is a good one. Glad you're both OK.

    New blade.........????
  7. Heal up quickly, mate :).
  8. what happened when u knew this was it - did everything slow down?

    glad to hear your both okay.
  9. Dewd :shock: Spayewin :sick: That ul keep you off the track this weekend :? Riding down tomorow if you want a dink? Might be a bit too sedate of a ride for you though :LOL:
  10. Sorry to hear ya went down :eek:(

    Am glad you're both relatively okay!

    Sorry to also hear it's the first "oops" with a pillion .. well done on the previously unblemished "drop a pillion on their bum" record.

    Can be a bit of a reminder that at our age we don't "bounce" quite as well as we used to ... there's a bit more "snap-crackle & pop" to it as we hover around the big-5-0 mark. Can take a bit longer to heal .. be kind to yaself and take it easy.

    Heal fast and keep smilin' ..


  11. I once got off the bike thinking I put the side stand down, when the bike was falling I twisted my back to stop it from falling, bike was fine but i couldnt ride for a month, twisted the lower back and pinched a nerve, next time I will let the bike drop.
  12. Sorry to hear about you off. :(

    Hopes go out that the bike and more importantly your pillion and yourself heal up well and in good time.
  13. wow, that would have been a freight. Sorry to hear that.

    Hope you and you passanger heal quickly
  14. Lucky the damage is not criplling ,glad it is only minor
    Hope for quick recovery
    :) wal
  15. well i spose at least your legs are ok!

    sorry to hear mate hope you both heal quickly.
  16. Hey Johnny, get better soon mate. Glad to hear not too much damage done, and the pillion got away okay too.
  17. +1,

    Glad its not too serious :)
  18. hey. heals up quickly.
  19. sorry to hear, at least its not to serious......just gos to show that even the experienced riders can go down if the conditions are against us.........
  20. ok now im filled in.

    i just found the fcuked up helmet on the kitchen bench this morning and no bike and ute and i have been wondering what happened all day.

    if you didnt get my msg and need me to pick up the ute or bike or anything give me a ring.

    i hope laura is fine. heal up mate