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Johnny O on 'Two Wheel Torque' tonight

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Johnny O, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Hi guy's, I'm on 'Two Wheel Torque' tonight, I'm only on for a couple of min's this week but most of the show next week. The show is on Channel 31 every Tuesday at 7.00pm, I think they replay it at 11.30am or 12.00 noon on Saturday's also. Just thought you may be interested ;-)

  2. i'll keep an eye out if i can convince malissa to skip naaaaaybors(and if i can remember :shock: ). what is you doing on that show? raising awareness on the safety of wheelstands in traffic? :LOL:
  3. Saw the show, saw Johnnie but missed the answer and email address. Johnnie? Any hints? ;)
  4. Hey Deb, the answer is the Benelli Tornado RS, get back to you with the email address. It is twowheeltorque @ but I cant remember the server. I'll get back to you with that one
  5. I am pretty sure it is Bigpond from memory. Maybe someone else watched it. :roll:
  6. Thanx Brigitte, I saw it and I "think" it WAS bigpond. Have tried that anyway. :D
  7. They never reply to their emails anyway :)
  8. I sent a question into Two Wheel Torque, they took about four weeks to answer it, but I eventually got an answer.
  9. Hey Johnny...what were you on there for? They occasionally use some of our stunt footage on the show and I know Tony personally.
  10. Because I race and have knowledge of the various brands (Benelli, Bimota, Mondial, CCM, Sachs, Factory Bike and Motobella) that we import, they like to talk to me. I guess I'm just convenient for them as I live & work in Melbourne?

    I've seen lots of their stunt footage, looks cool :)
  11. Cool cool. So you would know Billy and the boys then by the sounds of things? Also you weren't by chance on that Hotham ride where we were filming for Tourism Vic, Cruiz and 31 were you?
  12. Yeh I know Billy & Adrian, they were going to be dealers for some of our brands. I didn't go on any of their road rides, you'd know me if we were on a ride together ;-) And it sounds like I'd know you :)
  13. Hey dude,s email them at Two Wheel Torque@ bigpond .com they always answer chicks! :LOL:
  14. Chicks?! :eek:
  15. You should see if you can get on Blokes World. Top show that and full of blokey goodness.
  16. I don't think 'blokes' want to see me ;-)
  17. They sure do!! I got my reply email this morning :D:D:D
  18. Keep your helmet on then and just ride the bikes :p .
  19. Yeah you sure would have remembered me mate...I also trashed one of their Cagiva's on that weekend!!! Crashing is actually fun when you don't have to pay for the damage!
  20. Two Wheel Torque tonight

    And again tonight. Looks like we're gunna get a little sick of seeing Netrider folk on this show :LOL: