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Johnny O at Yamaha City now

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Well Cosway's is soon to be taken over, I was offered a position as a Bike Salesman there but have also been offered a position of Parts & Accessory Manager at Yamaha City, I think I'd prefer a Managerial position, so here I am, I start in one week.

    As there are only guys working in there, to keep the balance right, I would like to consider getting a female for the Dept, it would only be for a junior type (read low wages) but would love a true motorcycle enthuisiast. Stay tuned and get your resume's ready if you think you may be interested.
  2. Dood, you have more jobs than I have shits :shock:
  3. What can I say dude, everyone wants me, just trying to spread myself around, lol.

    Na, I want a good, long term job, I just won't stand for any crap, you know what I mean :)
  4. Bit like me there Brother O.

    I refuse to take shit from employers. Paul Dunne is a dumb bastard :grin:
    WFO suck arse!!!!!

    Am I allowed to say that??? Of course I am :)
  5. All the best Johnny, with the new job.
  6. Yep your da boss and you even posted it twice :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  7. Damn it!

    Where am I going to get my new Kwaka from now? Don't like Yamaha's :(
  8. Hey the New 08 R6 looks like it is the Biz.

    Grats on the new job Johnny.
    Good thing you didn't get that ZX10, you'd be swapping for an R1 Already.
  9. Nup, want a litre this time and I don't like undertail exhausts, so no R1 for me.
  10. OK have got some stuff from them before, accesories and chains and stuff. They seem pretty good, good luck with long term job it is a good idea as you are not getting any younger :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    have fun and if I ever buy a yammy I will come and see you!

    Maybe we need to have a sticky with where netriders work? ie scumbag, pnut etc??
  11. Congrats on the job! Hopefully you'll make the place better.

    Last (and 1st) time I went in there almost 2yrs ago, was to buy boots. When I eventually got some attention (a look, not even "can I help you?") I barely got a word out "Hi I'm after some b..." and was told to go to Scooter City :shock: :mad: . Admitedly it was before I got my Ls, so I wasn't a "rider" yet, but even just a smidge of respect would have been nice.

    A female friend bought a bike off them and had troubles with that. If our experiences are anything to go by, you definitely need to get something happening to welcome women, coz we're a growing crowd. And if we're anything like other women, we also like to shop! :wink:
  12. Nice work Johnny, hope it goes great for ya mate.
  13. congrats and all the best for the new job johnny. i've emailed your post to a female friend who's a great rider and enthusiast and thoroughly fed up with her current job so may be interested.... hugs, c x
  14. Congrats Johnny! If I lived in Vic, I would some see you for my R6 goodies! Hope all go's well for you mate.
  15. Congrats Mr O

    Looking at possibility of FJR1300 so may be in for some bits!

    Have fun in the new job

  16. I bought my bike from Yamaha City. Good move Johnny.
  17. Thanks Guy's. Give me a little time to get up-to-speed and I will promote Netrider discounts, maybe even Netrider only Sunday shopping.... stay tuned :)